Take your Xero Walmart Marketplace integration a step further with A2X

Sleep easier knowing your books are precise, complete, and not missing a beat. A2X automatically generates an invoice in Xero for every Walmart settlement, detailing each transaction that went into the final number for you. Simple, fast, and correct every time.

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A2X + Walmart + Xero solution
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Peter Zakrzewski, owner of On Point Fit.

"Being small and only having so much time, anything that could be automated or streamlined had to be. I think it's probably halved the amount of time that needs to be spent on bookkeeping each month. I definitely recommend A2X. It has freed me up to do the more interesting, high-value things."

Peter Zakrzewski, owner of On Point Fit.

Automation that saves Walmart sellers in time and money

Automation is about efficiency - and efficiency saves you big time icon Automation is about efficiency - and efficiency saves you big time

Since 2014, A2X users have saved between 2 and 20 hours every month. With time and money back in their pockets, they've been able to focus on the things that machines can't do for them - like networking and growth.

Organization at its finest (and quickest) icon Organization at its finest (and quickest)

As your Walmart settlements come in, A2X categorizes them according to your instructions for Xero. With mapped accounts, everything correlates neatly each time, with any settlements spanning months split accordingly. All you need to do is match the A2X invoice in Xero with the corresponding bank deposit and there you have it - reconciliation in just a few clicks!

Make informed business decisions with the gold standard icon Make informed business decisions with the gold standard

Thousands of accountants and sellers use A2X because it not only saves them time, but it organizes their data in a way that gives the most accurate picture of their business. Using the accrual method of accounting, your books and reports are in line with professional standards, ready for use by employees, bookkeepers, the IRS, or future buyers.

A few minutes now for hours saved later icon A few minutes now for hours saved later

With plenty of resources and a world-class customer support team on hand to help, you'll be reaping the benefits of A2X for Walmart Marketplace in no time.

How Walmart Marketplace, A2X and Xero work together


A2X sits between your Walmart Marketplace and Xero, so it can share transaction information using secure data feeds.


It fetches and sorts your Walmart settlements, including sales, refunds, commissions and storage fees, and posts these to your Xero account as organised summaries.


Your transactions are allocated to financial periods in Xero, making it easy to reconcile payments in your bank account, down to the cent.

Walmart and Xero integration

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Read some of the 2063 reviews with 4.9 overall star rating:

"A2X has been the best new app find we've had this year! They are quick to respond, they provide exceptional support and are just a great bunch of people to work with! I highly recommend A2X."

Teresa S., CEO.

Read more reviews from 2063 reviews with overall rating 4.9 across

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