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A2X is the glue that connects Etsy and Xero. It captures all your Etsy transactions that make up each bank deposit and categorizes them in a neat Xero invoice. All you need to do is reconcile the matched pairs for accurate, reliable numbers you can trust.

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A2X + Etsy + Xero solution
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David Falkner, founder of Cardology.

"We've found Etsy quite difficult to make the numbers add up at the end of the month – and I thought I was very numerate! So yes, [A2X] has just kind of revolutionized what we're doing, on Etsy in particular. It's been far and away the best onboarding experience that I've had in business, absolutely incredible."

David Falkner, founder of Cardology.

Making accounting simple for Etsy + Xero users

Save hours, money, and headaches... icon Save hours, money, and headaches...

Since 2014, we've saved users between 2 and 20 hours on average each month, which means not only time back in the bank but unnecessary bookkeeping fees too. You'll need accurate books throughout the year, and particularly at tax time, so make sure you're not spending a cent more than you need to.

Easy automation for accurate accounts icon Easy automation for accurate accounts

A2X keeps things simple by posting summaries of your Etsy settlements straight into Xero. All your income and expenses are calculated automatically, categorized, and any spanning months are split accordingly. Reconciling is easier and faster than ever before.

Trusted by thousands for a reason icon Trusted by thousands for a reason

Our users across the world call A2X the gold standard in ecommerce accounting because it automates an otherwise laborious and error-prone process with precision every time. Your books are organized via the industry-approved accrual method of accounting to give you the clearest picture of your business at the touch of a button.

Super-fast setup for long-term peace of mind icon Super-fast setup for long-term peace of mind

With a top-rated customer service team and content hub full of extra resources, help is never far away.

How Etsy, Xero and A2X work together


Connect A2X to Xero and your Etsy store. A2X is read-only to your Etsy store.


A2X fetches and sorts your Etsy payouts, makes sense of your sales and fees, and posts these to your Xero account as organized summaries.


Your transactions are allocated to the correct financial period and account in Xero, always matching the cash you have been paid.

Etsy and Xero integration

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Read some of the 2063 reviews with 4.9 overall star rating:

"Customer support is supreme so if you get stuck, help is on the way. Integration is great as you can copy tax and account mappings across very easily. Integration can be customized and is very simple to do. It's reliable and we can trust it will work every time."

Ricky P., ecommerce accountant.

Read more reviews from 2063 reviews with overall rating 4.9 across

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