Why use A2X?

Here are the top 6 reasons why users love A2X.

Why use A2X? - Reason 1

Ecommerce settlement statements don't give you the full picture, but A2X does.

No more manual calculations to figure out what makes up your bank deposits. A2X posts summaries to your accounting software with all the income and expenses that correspond with your payouts automatically.

"Reconciling [ecommerce] payment reports used to take a couple of hours, Now, it is literally just a couple of clicks and I'm done. I consider this to be "mission critical" software!"

Clint W. - Capterra

Why use A2X? - Reason 2

Settlement statements can span months, so A2X splits them out for you automatically.

If your settlement statement includes transactions from two months, A2X will group the transactions into separate entries, categorized by month. This way, you can accurately compare your company's performance with ease.

"Splitting Amazon deposits between months was a brutal exercise and now A2X handles it all."

Catherine F. - Accounting Manager

Why use A2X? - Reason 3

Managing your ecommerce financials is complicated. A2X makes it easy.

A2X organizes your books via the accrual method of accounting, giving you a clear picture of how value is flowing through your business.

"I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on bookkeeping... Now with A2X, I'm able to do my own accurate bookkeeping which saves me thousands of dollars a year! This allows me to accurately analyze and predict expenses and budgets. If you sell online you MUST have A2X!"

Kimberly H. - Capterra

Why use A2X? - Reason 4

Reconciliation is time-consuming. A2X posts journal entries that can be matched with just the click of a button.

When you receive a settlement payout from your ecommerce platform, A2X creates invoices and journal entries that accurately reflect the transactions that made up each payout. All you need to do is match the payment received with the A2X entry in your accounting system.

"What used to take me a half hour or more can now be done with the touch of a button. This saves me valuable time and also saves my clients money."

Accounting Manager Review

Why use A2X? - Reason 5

Accounting can take time away from doing other things for your business. A2X is quick to set up and easy to manage.

Turn your time-consuming accounting tasks into a few button clicks. A2X is easy to configure and requires minimal maintenance time from you. You can even backdate your settlement statements, so no matter how old your business is, you can benefit from A2X.

"This software is magical. What used to take my team hours to do each billing cycle, now takes a few seconds. Accounting for ecommerce is a nightmare, but A2X turns it into a dream."

Monil K. - Capterra

Why use A2X? - Reason 6

Entering new sales channels introduces new accounting challenges. A2X scales with you.

New channels can bring new challenges, but that doesn't have to compromise your accounting. A2X connects with the leading ecommerce and accounting platforms, keeping your accounts seamless no matter where you sell.

"A2X handled our high volume 60,000 transactions per month just fine. All data was imported neatly into QuickBooks Online. I imported a years' worth of data with no errors."

QuickBooks User Review

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