Webgility vs. A2X

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Choosing the right tools to optimize your ecommerce business is a crucial part of preparing for growth.

When you automate your accounting processes, you free up more time and capital that can be focused on other things - like growth.

Today, we'll be comparing A2X with another accounting integration: Webgility.

Bold vs. A2X

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What Are A2X & Webgility?

An overview of A2X

  • A2X is the gold-standard accounting automation software for ecommerce sellers.
  • It integrates your sales channels (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart and Etsy) with your cloud accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero, and Sage).
  • A2X automatically downloads your settlement data from your sales channels and posts them in tidy journal entries that reconcile perfectly with your payouts received.
  • Set up is free and easy, and every A2X subscription includes live chat and email support no matter where in the world you are.

An overview of Webgility

  • Webgility is a commerce management software with accounting automation features.
  • It integrates various ecommerce channels and marketplaces with cloud accounting software (Quickbooks, NetSuite, and Xero).
  • Webgility automatically syncs order info between your sales channels and accounting solution, for books that are always up to date.
  • Live support and free onboarding are available for certain users, depending on their subscription level.

The Benefits & Features

A2X and Webgility share a few similar features. But when you compare the pricing, accessibility, customer support, and trusted reviews, the difference is clear as day.

Let’s break down some of the key elements that set them apart to help you make an informed decision.

We designed A2X to be the ultimate “set and forget” bookkeeping app for ecommerce sellers and their accountants to automate revenue recognition.

The simpler it is to get started, the sooner you’ll be able to start saving time and money.

Our onboarding process is fast, easy and includes unlimited chat and email-based customer support.

Plus, we’re constantly making improvements to give you the best user experience possible.

The only thing that’s “overwhelming” about A2X is the number of 5-star reviews our valued customers have shared over the years.

“Easy to set up, use and inexpensive compared to other market products that provide similar functionality."

Lynn M., Capterra.

“A2X has made a great difference. Now everything has gotten a lot simpler and more accurate as well as less time-consuming."

Chris H., Capterra.

Scalability is a huge factor when you’re selling online. With the potential to reach customers anywhere around the globe, the world truly is your oyster.

To help you grow, we’ve got subscription options for every business size - no matter how far along in your ecommerce journey you may be.

Our lowest priced package, the Mini, is only $19 per month. That’s $30 a month less than the cheapest monthly option from Webgility!

And thanks to our multi-channel selling options, there’s even more flexibility to automate your ecommerce accounting as you expand to new horizons.

A2X offers more than just an automated helping hand; we’re with you every step of the way with free educational resources, a Facebook community and a network of trusted ecommerce accountants.

“This product has added a whole new aspect of scalability to our business, and saves a great deal of time."

Asher J., Capterra.

“All it takes is a few clicks to take care of everything on the accounting side. Probably the best subscription service I use in terms of value for money."

Richie L., Capterra.

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk.

Our global team of customer support specialists are experienced accountants, bookkeepers and ecommerce specialists in their own right.

That means we speak your lingo and understand your challenges.

In other words, smart automation + dedicated passionate experts = ecommerce accounting excellence.

When you subscribe to A2X, you’re getting the complete package.

“A2X customer service is outstanding.”

Steven B., Capterra.

“I have never had so much support from an online service.”

Andrew S., Capterra.

“The service and support from the A2X team is second to none.”

Deanna S., Capterra.

A2X was launched in 2014 out of a problem that our founders were facing in another business, Export-X.

At the time, we were helping New Zealand and Australian brands to sell on Amazon, but accounting for these transactions was a challenge to say the least.

So we rolled our sleeves up and built an in-house tool to pull the Amazon sales and fees into Xero.

One thing led to another and A2X was born. As the original ecommerce accounting connector, we have always looked for ways to adapt and improve.

This has resulted in a seamless product that does what it’s supposed to, every time.

Here’s what customers have to say about A2X:

Or, you can join our community, The Ecommerce Back-office to hear inspiring stories about businesses finding success and connecting to learn and grow together.

“I recommend it to anyone who wants easy and accurate [ecommerce] data reflected on their accounting software. Also, their customer service team is top tier.”

Katrina S., Capterra.

“Accurate ecommerce accounting, without the fuss.”

Shelly A., Capterra.

“One size fits all” is the wrong approach when it comes to accounting for the specific use case that is ecommerce.

Instead, we focus on doing one thing very well: automating the process of bringing transactions from ecommerce platforms into Xero or Quickbooks Online.

A2X imports these transactions on a settlement basis so that the invoices or journal entries match up exactly with your payouts. This way, you can reconcile your transactions to money received with just a few clicks!

If automated ecommerce accounting and more time in your day are what you’re striving for, A2X is the solution you need.

“[A2X] makes bookkeeping way easier between Shopify, Amazon and more by automatically importing all transactions, already categorized perfectly. Saves hundreds of hours of bookkeeping per year!”

Nicolas N., Capterra.

Reliable ecommerce accounting is our bread and butter. But that’s just the tip of the A2X-berg.

We understand that different customers face different challenges, and every accounting partner needs different things in order to thrive and expand.

Automation might be our A-game, but helping you get the most out of your business is our mark of excellence. We strive to give you a reliable, helpful, and human customer support experience for no extra cost.

Our team of accounting and ecommerce experts have seen it all over the years.

We’ve built our software around those common difficulties to make it the most robust solution, and we’re always happy to lend a helping hand.

To get a glimpse of some of the problems we’ve solved for our clients, check out our case studies, or reach out to us with your ecommerce accounting challenges and we’ll do our best to help.

The Subscription Options

The pricing structure for Webgility works a little differently than ours, so we’ve done our best to provide a fair comparison based on what can be compared.

At A2X, our pricing structure is straightforward and all-inclusive.

You can integrate with the same three accounting software platforms no matter your subscription level, and the subscription you choose determines the number of monthly orders and sales channels you are allowed.

With Webgility, there are four tiers of subscription - Pro, Premium, Advanced, and Complete - and you are able to select the number of monthly orders and sales channels you would like included with your chosen tier. This is what determines the price of your subscription.

The Webgility pricing tiers differ to one another as follows:

  • PRO offers a cloud app version of the product, and integrates with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks Premier, and Xero
  • Plus offers a desktop app version of the product, and only integrates with Quickbooks Enterprise.
  • Advanced offers a desktop version of the product, and only integrates with Quickbooks Enterprise.
  • Complete offers a desktop version of the product, and only integrates with Quickbooks Enterprise.

Each tier also offers some features that the cheaper ones don’t. For example, Order Management is available with Advanced and Complete subscriptions but not with Pro or Plus subscriptions.

Here’s how Webgility’s pricing stacks up against A2X:

A2X plans & pricing
A2X is available for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart Marketplace (or a combination). Integrates with Quickbooks, Xero and Sage accounting software.


200 orders
1 sales channel
1 marketplace
$ 19


1,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 49


5,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 69


10,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 139


15,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 199


1,000 orders
2 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 79


2,000 orders
3 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 99


5,000 orders
4 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 149
Webgility plans & pricing
Webgility is available for Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, Square, and Shopify. Integrates with Quickbooks and Xero accounting software.


500 orders
1 sales channel
$ 49
Cloud app


1000 orders
1 sales channel
$ 139
Desktop app


5000 orders
1 sales channel
$ 289
Desktop app


10,000 orders
1 sales channel
$ 419
Desktop app


15,000 orders
1 sales channel
$ 519
Desktop app


2 sales channel
1000 orders
$ 79
Cloud app


3 sales channel
2000 orders
$ 119
Cloud app


4 sales channel
5000 orders
$ 199
Cloud app

New A2X customers can get one month of A2X for free.

What the People are Saying About A2X

Overall rating
From 280 users reviews
Average score
  • Ease of Use 4.7
  • Customer Service 4.8
  • Features 4.8
  • Value for Money 4.6

Source: Capterra

4.9 overall rating from 2063 reviews across

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