QuickBooks Connector vs. A2X

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Apps are important investments for ecommerce businesses.

But how do you know which will save you time and money, all whilst propelling your business towards its goals?

We at A2X are here to help you make the right decisions for your business.

This guide will compare the features and benefits of A2X with QuickBooks Connector (which was previously called OneSaas and then QuickBooks Commerce).

Bold vs. A2X

We aim to answer all your questions here and make your decision clearer, but if you're unsure by the end, don't hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.

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Using or considering using Xero? QuickBooks Connector no longer supports Xero accounting software, but A2X does.

What Are A2X & QuickBooks Connector?

An overview of A2X

  • A2X is an accounting app that can be integrated with sales channels and accounting software providers.
  • It helps sellers interpret, calculate, and reconcile their settlement statements, understand the details of their business’ income and expenses, and forecast month-to-month performance with accurate data.
  • It also organizes books via the industry-approved accrual method of accounting for solid, professional ecommerce accounting.

An overview of QuickBooks Connector

  • Once an app for omnichannel sales management, OneSaas has been absorbed by Intuit for the larger software product QuickBooks Commerce.
  • “QuickBooks Connector is an infrastructure platform that integrates data streams from marketplaces, point-of-sale, fulfillment and other categories of ecommerce platforms, normalizing the data for consumption by QuickBooks Commerce, so our customers can see a more complete view of and best manage their omnichannel business.”

A2X helps you to understand and manage your accounts accurately and efficiently.

QuickBooks Connector is a part of the tech that powers QuickBooks Commerce, and helps you integrate multiple other tools to manage a multichannel business.

The choice of which to pick for you might already be clearer - they satisfy rather different business needs.

The Benefits & Features

If you’re considering A2X then it may be safe to assume that you’re looking for a scalable, automated solution to easier, more accurate accounting.

QuickBooks Commerce is a larger tool for ecommerce business management, whereas A2X is solely dedicated to automating your ecommerce accounting.

If you’re a QuickBooks user, you can integrate A2X and benefit from all the features we discuss below.

But if you use another accounting software provider, we’ll detail how A2X can benefit your ecommerce accounting beyond the services of a broader solution.

Sharing data between your sales channels and accounting software is an essential part of running an ecommerce business.

And setting this up to happen automatically is smart.

But for A2X, that’s just the beginning.

You need to be able to use your data and insights to make strategic decisions about your business. So if the data isn’t accurate or ready for you, requiring hours of manual calculations, reconciliations and input, you’re losing out.

A2X does this part for you, presenting information that’s ready for action.

Keep reading to see how.

“This product has added a whole new aspect of scalability to our business, and saves a great deal of time.”

Asher J., Capterra.

“Our overall experience with A2X has been excellent. Excellent product and a must have for an ecommerce business!”

Matthew S., Capterra.

A2X was designed to save you time and make your life easier, so both its set up and maintenance processes are quick and easy.

We have step-by-step tutorials to help you with your connections, unique to each ecommerce platform and accounting software choice, with live support available throughout the world.

Plus, once you’re up and running, your manual input is minimal.

Data syncing is automatic for the most part, consistent, and reliable.

In fact, that’s often a feature of some of our best reviews:

“A2X was a homerun in the performance - it was all-star. A lot of my colleagues also were supporting and endorsing A2X, which made the decision even easier.”

Steve Chase, Sequentia Solutions.

“We’ve saved tens, dozens, hundreds of hours a year in a couple of clicks. I mean, it’s absolutely amazing.

Time, effort, money, stress – there is a solution right there in front of [business owners]. Don’t be afraid to learn, and really, the learning process is super-easy. You’re just hurting yourself more by not jumping right onto it immediately.”

Mike Moore, Patio Pet Life.

“When a tool functions correctly, you don’t even think about it. I think about so many other things every other day, but bookkeeping is no longer one of them”.

Peter Richardson, ecommerce seller.

Having individual transactions sent to your accounting software is only so helpful.

As you grow, so will the volume of these transactions, and this could get time-consuming for you to manage and for your accounting software to process.

Rather than this clunky way of doing things, A2X streamlines and organizes books differently.

For each payout from your sales channel, A2X creates a journal summary, batching all the income and expense lines into one neat package per payout.

Your accounting software receives one journal summary instead, which can be easily matched and reconciled with your bank account.

(In fact, the journal summary and payout are matched and presented to you too, so you don’t even need to go looking for the pair! Just confirm them and you’re done).

Simple, easy, and accessible.

“SAVE[S] ME HOURS!!! This software is so USER FRIENDLY! I can’t imagine running my business [any] other way.”

Marc B., Capterra.

“Save yourself - get A2X. A2X software is 100% gold for [ecommerce] sellers. It’s so easy to use and saves me a lot of money in lower accounting fees and time.

I can always see a snapshot of where my business is at. It was impossible to do this previously because of the way Amazon tracks sales.”

Merissa C., Capterra.

Not only will A2X batch your settlement transactions for you, but it will split out any settlements that span across two months - grouping data in a way that you can practically use it.

Bid farewell to hours of manual calculations and say hello to a month-to-month performance view.

A2X does it all for you.

“If you’re not using A2X for Amazon accounting you’re doing it wrong! Easy to use and immediately saw the value. Splitting Amazon deposits between months was a brutal exercise and now A2X handles it all.”

Catherine F., Capterra.

But wait, there’s more.

There are a handful of different accounting methods used by businesses, but the two most common are cash accounting and accrual accounting.

The main difference between these is timing - when you record transactions.

We won’t go into the details here (you can find more about them in our dedicated blog), but accrual accounting is by far the strongest for ecommerce.

It’s also a little more complex, and can feel a little intimidating to non-accounting experts.

So A2X solves this problem for sellers.

A2X organizes your books this way automatically, giving accounting pros and amateurs alike professional, industry-standard books without the fuss.

Not only will your numbers be accurate, automated, and accessible, but they’ll be presented in line with the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) best practice too.

“‘Accurate ecommerce accounting without the fuss?’ I agree wholeheartedly! It’s great software backed by outstanding customer service, and really simplifies what is actually rather complex ecommerce accounting.”

Shelly A., Capterra.

The team at A2X are experts in ecommerce accounting.

We eat, live and breathe it - we have been for years. We’ve been supporting Amazon sellers through the platform’s exponential growth these last few years. And with that growth has come increasingly complex accounting challenges.

All of which we have innovated through and navigated together.

And all that knowledge is at your disposal.

In fact, A2X was conceived by Amazon sellers. So we know your challenges first hand, and we’re always looking for ways to connect and support you along your business journey.

You can find detailed guides, tutorials, and webinars on our blog.

You can join our Ecommerce Back-office Facebook group to network with others in the biz.

And since we are experts and understand your obstacles, we’ve created free in-depth guides to accounting by sales channel, available in the Ecommerce Accounting Hub.

“Love love love! And plus their support staff is so fantastic and if you bring up any valid issues, they will often release a product update to solve that problem in a short amount of time.”

Jillian H., Capterra.

The Subscription Options

The pricing plans for A2X and QuickBooks Connector are done quite differently.

With A2X, you are guaranteed live support no matter your subscription level. You also get connections for unlimited Amazon marketplaces with all subscriptions excluding Mini.

The things that do change with different subscriptions are the number of Amazon Merchant IDs, sales channels, access to FBA inventory locations, and available history.

Monthly Plans & Pricing ($USD)

A2X plans
A2X is available for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart Marketplace - or a combination!
And it integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage accounting software.


200 orders
1 sales channel
1 marketplace
$ 19


1,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 49


5,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 69


10,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 139


15,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 199


1,000 orders
2 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 79


2,000 orders
3 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 99


5,000 orders
4 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 149
QuickBooks Connector/QuickBooks Commerce plan
QuickBooks Connector/QuickBooks Commerce is a broader business management tool.
You can connect A2X to QuickBooks for the best of both worlds!

Simple Start

$ 25


$ 50


$ 80


$ 180


$ 15

New A2X customers can get one month of A2X for free.

What the People are Saying About A2X

Overall rating
From 280 users reviews
Average score
  • Ease of Use 4.7
  • Customer Service 4.8
  • Features 4.8
  • Value for Money 4.6

Source: Capterra

4.9 overall rating from 2063 reviews across

Connecting QuickBooks and A2X

If you’re using QuickBooks and keen to get all the above benefits of A2X too, you’re in luck!

A2X connects QuickBooks to Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, or Walmart Marketplace (or multiple channels!) for accurate accounting without the fuss.

Check out our connection tutorials below:

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“Obviously, the time savings are good. But for me, it’s just the kind of mental headspace. I can get on with making good business decisions, rather than worrying about stuff that, frankly, should take care of itself with the right tools, but often doesn’t,”

David F., Cardology.

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