A2X for Amazon Plans & Pricing

For sellers with 1 Amazon Merchant ID

  • Mini

    Max 200 orders per month US$19 / MO
    • 1 Amazon merchant ID abbreviation icon
    • 1 Amazon marketplace
    • 3 months history
    • Email & live chat support
  • Starter

    Max 1,000 orders per month US$49 / MO
    • 1 Amazon merchant ID abbreviation icon
    • Unlimited marketplaces
    • 12 months history
    • Email & live chat support
    • FBA inventory locations
    • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Standard

    Max 5,000 orders per month US$69 / MO
    • 1 Amazon merchant ID abbreviation icon
    • Unlimited marketplaces
    • 24 months history
    • Email & live chat support
    • FBA inventory locations
    • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Standard 10k

    Max 10,000 orders per month US$139 / MO
    • 1 Amazon merchant ID abbreviation icon
    • Unlimited marketplaces
    • Max. history available
    • Premium 1:1 support
    • FBA inventory locations
    • Cost of Goods Sold

Pricing shown in USD, excluding any applicable Canadian GST/PST/HST

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For sellers with higher order volumes or more Merchant IDs


For businesses with more than 10,000 orders per month and other requirements.
A2X can support over 1,000,000 orders per month.
US$ 199 / MO

These A2X premium plans include:

  • 5 Amazon merchant IDs abbreviation icon
  • History available
  • Posts cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • FBA inventory locations
  • Unlimited marketplaces per Merchant ID
  • Amazon Pay reconciliation
  • Premium 1:1 support

Pricing shown in USD, excluding any applicable Canadian GST/PST/HST

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A2X supports these Amazon marketplaces

world map with a2x amazon marketplaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does A2X start with a free trial?

Trialling A2X is the best way for you to see how A2X works and how much time you will save. In your free trial you will have full access to A2X with all features and can post three settlements to your accounting system.

How do I work out my monthly order volume?

The easiest way to check your order volume is to set up a free trial account with A2X. Once connected to your seller account, A2X can fetch in settlement data providing you with an order count summary. Within Amazon you can also check your order volume by reviewing the number of Shipped Orders by a set date range.

How do I find an accountant who understands Amazon?

A2X has a directory of expert A2X accounting and bookkeeping partners that can assist with your ecommerce accounting. You can view our 'Find an advisor' page here.

What is an Amazon Merchant ID*?

A Merchant ID is a publicly available ID number that identifies your storefront and products you sell on Amazon.

You can check the Merchant ID/Seller ID/Merchant Token for each of the marketplaces in the Amazon Seller Central dashboard.

  1. Log in to Seller Central, choose the marketplace from the dropdown, locate the Account Info tab under the Settings dropdown menu.
  2. When you are on the Seller Account Information page, there will be a Business Information section, which displays the Merchant Token (Merchant ID).
  3. Switch to another marketplace in the Seller Central, and use the same path to check the Merchant Token/Merchant ID for that one.

*Please Note: Merchant ID or Seller ID or Merchant Token - they all represent the same; these are merely different ways of naming the same thing.

What does unlimited marketplaces per merchant ID mean?

Each A2X account can cover all marketplaces listed under each of your merchant IDs. Amazon's regions are North America, South America, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific. Amazon usually issues a separate merchant ID for each region.

How many orders can A2X handle?

There is no limit to the number of orders that A2X can process for you, from 1 to 1,000,000+ a month A2X will accurately, and reliably automate your ecommerce accounting in order to protect your accounting system from order overload.

Does A2X support inventory accounting?

A2X has its own COGS and Inventory Valuation features. A2X can calculate the cost of goods sold per SKU per settlement and post an entry to your accounting system deducting the total cost of goods sold from your inventory asset account to allocate to your COGS expense account allowing for accuracy with gross profit reporting. A2X also provides a month end FBA Inventory Valuation report so you know what stock you have, the values held and where it is all held.

What does "history available" mean?

A2X can retrospectively pull financial data from Amazon so you can get your books in order from previous financial periods. You can sign up for a premium plan if you would like maximum history available and then downgrade to the plan that suits your business after you have pulled your history into A2X. To ensure your history can be accessed by A2X you will need to 'unarchive' the files in your seller account.

What if I sell on more than one sales channel or in multiple Amazon regions?

If you sell in multiple Amazon regions or on more sales channels. A2X Multi might be a good option for your business. A2X Multi enables you to pick and choose from multiple ecommerce sales channels and manage them from one A2X subscription.

What if I do not know what plan to choose?

How many platforms do you sell on? One platform = 1 Amazon Merchant ID

  • Work out your average order volume per month (remember you can work this out in a free trial).
  • Decide on the level of features you would like for your plan.
  • Of course, you are welcome to contact support if you need assistance.

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