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The Fundamentals

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Anyone can sell online, whether they have experience managing business accounts or not. 

Ecommerce accounting is a little different, and involves a number of complex moving parts that need to be accounted for properly if you are to have a successful, profitable business online.

This series is designed to give you the base to make this possible. You can then find specialist information for your platform in the dedicated zones of this accounting hub. 

We will start with the ten fundamentals of ecommerce bookkeeping, and cover the four key differentiators to look out for with the unique solutions they need. 

Then we’ll talk about bookkeeping methods (cash vs. accrual accounting) and cash flow management (“Profit First”).

This is followed by the software on the market to help you, and finally, how to find a specialist accountant, and when you might need one.

A number of these posts have been developed from guest blogs kindly contributed by our accounting partners. As some of the best and most experienced in the biz, you know that all the advice here is expert-approved and straight from working real-world examples. 

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