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Unloop and A2X | eCommerce Accounting on Autopilot

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Helping clients turn their eCommerce accounting onto autopilot

Combining the power of people and technology, Unloop is helping eCommerce founders gain control of their finances, using digital tools like A2X to put their accounting on autopilot. Together with other big-name systems like Xero, QuickBooks, Dext, Hubdoc, DEAR, Slack, Zoom, ClickUp and Loom, Unloop and its clients are headed for lightning-fast growth.

From public to eCommerce accountant

As with many professional CPAs, Michael Pignatelli cut his accounting teeth at one of the well-known ‘Big Four’, Deloitte. It was an experience he’ll never forget, and in many ways, significantly contributed to his latest career move away from public accounting.

A couple of years ago, Michael had a yearning to do something different. He’d been keeping a close eye on the rapidly growing world of eCommerce and could see there was an opportunity to help brilliant founders achieve business success.

At the start of 2021, he transitioned into the finance world of eCommerce – and that’s when Unloop was born.

Bookkeeping on autopilot without breaking the bank

It’s been a fast-paced year of growth for Unloop. The plan has always been to scale fast, so it can support as many eCommerce businesses as possible. And that’s exactly what it’s doing, working with a mix of clients selling on many platforms – Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy – in the $50,000 to $200,000 per month range.

“Any online seller can hire an accountant to ‘do their taxes’ but partnering with a team of experts with years of eCommerce experience is totally different,” Michael says. “We’re obsessed with eCommerce, and we’ve helped tons of founders understand their financials and scale their businesses to achieve personal and professional goals.”

Before: wasting precious time on manual bookkeeping

After his time at Deloitte, Michael started working as an internal controller for an eCommerce company that was selling products on Amazon.

He was tasked with setting up its finance systems, which involved researching ways to connect QuickBooks Online with its Amazon sales reports. It’s then he discovered A2X.

“Those people who are successful in today’s economy are selling on multiple marketplaces. But to gather all that sales information manually is quite a headache, that can cost a lot of time – and time is money.”

Michael adds that A2X “was a game-changer for starting Unloop”.

“Now that I knew this software and these systems were already available, I knew it would make it easier for us to focus – and thrive – in this niche.”

After: “A2X makes it easy to provide great service”

A2X has become an integral part of the way Unloop works with its clients and is also one of the reasons clients can “take advantage of the global marketplace”.

Michael explains that some clients are already using A2X and simply need help with leveraging other functionalities. For clients who aren’t using A2X, it’s one of the Unloop team’s first recommendations “to save time pulling sales reports manually from Amazon Seller Central”.

“A2X adds enormous value for our clients – having the ability to sell all over the world, and on many different sales channels while keeping everything connected, helps our clients grow, and makes it easy for us to provide a good service.”

Digital tools: the building blocks of eCommerce success

Michael knows first-hand that having the right systems is the key to scaling quickly. Getting his digital setup spot on has been crucial to Unloop’s growth in such a short time.

Alongside A2X, the Unloop team makes it a priority to stay “familiar with the gold standard tools” to best support clients – and continue to improve their operational efficiencies. Those tools include Xero and QuickBooks, Dext and Hubdoc, DEAR (inventory management), Slack, Zoom, ClickUp (for project management) and Loom (client video messaging).

In the early stages of business, Michael says rather than staying up late reconciling transactions, it’s more important to focus your energy on the tasks that will add value and drive business success. That’s where digital tools like A2X come in.

“Especially for tax purposes, it’s really important that everything is set up properly. You don’t want to start making $100,000 – and then start doing your accounting.

“A2X is a great way to automate everything without breaking the bank.”

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