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Accounting for your Amazon FBA Inventory with A2X
May 13, 2015

Accounting for your Amazon FBA Inventory with A2X

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In this post we’re going to talk about FBA inventory and Xero. You may have recently seen Xero announced the ability to track inventory items directly within Xero. A2X has limited ability to take advantage of these new features by using the group by product invoice setting. One of our users very kindly made a screencast showing how you can set up the group by product option in A2X, Amazon, and Xero to take advantage of the new inventory features. Check it out below. However, we recognize this is not a perfect solution and we want to make it more awesome. For starters, it doesn’t take full advantage of the data Amazon FBA merchants have access to, such as reimbursements, returns and adjustments. So, if you’re an FBA merchant on Amazon, and you’d like to have better tracking of your inventory, cost of goods sold, and other inventory data available from FBA, we want to hear from you! Either post a comment below or email us to arrange a chat with one of our engineers about your requirements - we want to build the most awesome inventory integration with Amazon’s FBA possible - so tell us what you want.

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