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Missing Amazon Settlement Files
Sep 13, 2015

Missing Amazon Settlement Files

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Several A2X users have been in touch with our tech support team about Amazon settlement files missing from their A2X account. This is a known issue affecting some Amazon sellers.

The symptom of the issue is the new settlement files in your Seller account will have a ‘Request Report’ button showing under Reports > Payments and will require you to manually click the button in order for A2X to access the report.

We have been working with Amazon tech support on this issue and they have identified the problem. The good news is they have acknowledged the bug and a solution is expected around the middle of September.

Amazon say:

The issue would be resolved for all sellers by 14th September and they would be receiving the settlement reports as and when the same are generated.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused and can confirm that this issue is known and on the verge of resolution as well.

If you have ongoing problems accessing new settlement files in A2X after the middle of September please contact us as it may be a different problem and we’d like to know about it.

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