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How to link multiple Amazon accounts to one Xero account in A2X
Mar 7, 2016

How to link multiple Amazon accounts to one Xero account in A2X

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We have received a number of inquiries from users that want to link multiple Amazon accounts to one Xero account (called an ‘Organisation’ in Xero), we decided to make this step-by-step guide in order to walk you through the set up process. The example setup is as follows: Amazon Account 1 <–> A2X Account 1 <–> Xero Account (direct connection) Amazon Account 2 <–> A2X Account 2 <–> Xero Account (shared access)

Connecting your first Amazon account, use a direct connection to Xero

When setting up A2X for your first Amazon account and after completing the connection to Gmail (Sign-up Step 1), you will reach Step 2: Connect to Xero. a) Please click on the blue Connect to Xero button, and you will be taken to the following window: b) Click on Authorise button. Xero is now linked to the A2X account for your first Amazon account.

Connecting your second Amazon account, use a shared connection to Xero

If you want to link subsequent Amazon accounts to the same Xero connection that you used for the first Amazon account, when you create the second and subsequent A2X account you elect to share the original Xero connection. a) Use the drop down menu in the top-right corner of your account page and select +Create New Account. This will take you to the Step 2: Connect to Xero. b) Select the option ‘If you would like this A2X account to access the same Xero organization as another of your A2X accounts click here’ instead of connecting to Xero normally. This will open a dialog box where you can select which existing account you wish to share the Xero connection from, for this new account. Choose the account you connected in part 1 of this guide. c) Click on Share Xero Access and you will be taken to Step 3: Connect to Amazon. Repeat this process for all subsequent Amazon markets that you want to add and link to same Xero account. Now you can send the Amazon invoices from multiple different Amazon account and marketplaces into the same Xero organisation for accounting. If you’re selling in multiple markets globally, don’t forget that you need a multi-currency Xero account to handle the different currencies for each Amazon market. Should you need any further assistance, please contact us at:

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