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Release Notes June 2016
Jul 20, 2016

Release Notes June 2016

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Busy month for us! Here are the changes and improvements in the June release of A2X.

Bulk actions on the settlement list

This was a bug fix, since this feature was not working in certain situations, it is now and we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you about how it works. STEP 1 To enable the bulk actions, click on the tool sign and choose “Enable Bulk Actions” After enabling bulk actions, the following little sub-menu will appear: STEP 2 Choose one of the bulk actions that you want to use (Refresh, Delete, Send to Xero) and select settlements you want to apply the chosen bulk action by clicking the checkbox on the right of the settlement. STEP 3 Click Apply.

New invoice setting: group refunds, shipping and gift wrap charges

This new option was added under the Settings/Invoice settings section. It allows you to group shipping, refunds and giftwrap in the same manner as sales are grouped. NOTE: Whenever you change how you group your sales or refunds, shipping and giftwrap charges (under the Invoice Settings), then please go back to the Settlements Tab, and refresh the settlements that this new setting should be applied to. You can even use the bulk Actions we just told you about.

New notification when a new Amazon settlement is imported

We will now let you know when a new Amazon settlement is imported to your account.

Closing your A2X account

Though we’re sure you’ll want to use A2X forever, we have made it clearer how you close your account - it is now also safer, because it includes few steps to prevent closing the account by accident. If you want to close your account, simply follow the steps below: STEP 1 Go to the Settings page, choose “Users” from the left menu and then click on “Closing Your Account” STEP 2 The following option will appear: STEP 3 If you wish to close your account, click on the red “Delete Account” button. STEP 4 After that, one more warning window will appear: STEP 5 If you are definitely sure you wish to proceed, then click on the red “Delete My A2X Account” button, and your account will be closed/deleted. We’ll be sad to see you go! Should you need any assistance with A2X, please contact us at:

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