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Release Notes May 2016
Jul 20, 2016

Release Notes May 2016

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They say Better late than never! A number of users have been asking us for updates on new features and changes in A2X as they happen, so allow us to present you the changes and improvements in the May release of A2X.

Better handling of invitation errors

A2X supports inviting multiple users to each account, and also allows users to access multiple accounts. Invitations are sent by email and accepted by clicking through to the A2X website. 99% of the time everything works fine, but sometimes there are problems accepting invitations and when there are - it wasn’t easy for users to understand why. The error page that was displayed was not really informative, so we decided to change that. This is how our error page looks like now - though we hope you never see it!

New and improved emails

Our old emails were U.G.L.Y plain text - our new emails are fancy responsive HTML emails that look good on iPhones and iPads and desktops - we hope they’ll give a better first impression to our users. Look out for improvements in more and more emails over the next month.

Edit Product Types

Before now it was only possible to delete the Product Type and add a new one, now you can edit an existing product type to add a new SKU or change the pattern. Should you need any assistance with A2X, please contact us at:

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