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Delays processing settlements in A2X
Nov 20, 2016

Delays processing settlements in A2X

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This is just a quick note to advise we’re experiencing delays receiving settlement data from Amazon. We have escalated the issue to Amazon tech support and will update this post as we determine the causes for the delays. In the meantime, the financial data is not lost, it will be available in your A2X account as soon as we can properly receive it from Amazon. You may see a partially processed settlement in your account while we await the data. All other markets are functioning as normal at this time. Update: 12th Dec 16 We’ve seen the first fixed settlements starting to come through from Amazon, we’re working with them to recover the settlements that are still missing. Apologies for the delay on this issue, we are working hard to get this fixed as quickly as we can but rely on Amazon for this data. Update: 19th Dec 16 Today we released a workaround to this issue that will allow the problem settlements for to be loaded into A2X and posted to Xero. We were unable to get the correct English version of the settlement files in a valid format through the MWS API from Amazon. Without any confirmed availability date from Amazon’s developer support team, we have had to assume that no English version will be available and with year-end deadlines fast approaching we made the decision to process the French language version. The French version of the file should import to A2X normally if you click the ‘Refresh’ link for the Pending settlements as shown below. This will trigger the settlement to be processed in the background and will take up to 10 minutes. Once the settlement is processed, you should be able to review the settlement and apply the accounts and taxes you need. An important limitation of our workaround is the French language version will not apply the usual account and tax rate mappings you have configured for English transactions. You can apply them either in the A2X Review screen, or after sending to Xero in the draft invoice. When viewing a settlement where we have detected this issue you will see this warning: Choose your accounts and tax rates as required in A2X, or you can also do this in Xero’s Draft Invoice editing screen. We’ll continue to request from Amazon a correct English version of the affected settlements, and once it’s available we’ll post another update to this issue. For now we expect this workaround to allow the financial data to be imported to Xero in time for year-end taxes. If you need any help at all with this please contact us:

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