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Signing up for A2X just got easier
Jan 20, 2017

Signing up for A2X just got easier

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We’ve just released a new look signup for A2X, its now easier to get logged in with Google and connect your Amazon and Xero accounting system. You’ll find detailed steps to get your Amazon accounting imported into Xero over on our new look A2X support center. Once connected with Google, the new look dashboard will make it easier to connect to Amazon, and your accounting system. And… you may also notice we’re working on some pretty big changes around here, a whole new accounting system integration is coming soon, QuickBooks. If you’re a QuickBooks accountant with Amazon clients, or an Amazon seller who uses QuickBooks online for accounting, we want to hear form you. If you would like to try A2X as part of our beta program, please contact us ( or register your interest here on our QuickBooks page.

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