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A2X is going to Las Vegas! Prosper Show, 22-23 March
Mar 10, 2017

A2X is going to Las Vegas! Prosper Show, 22-23 March

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We’re coming to Las Vegas this month and we’re excited to meet you! We’ll be attending Prosper Show on 22-23 March at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you’re going to be there, let’s meet up! If you’re not, you should come. There’ll be 100’s and 100’s of serious Amazon sellers there, apps and services like A2X and some fantastic speakers. If you’re not already booked to go, but want to, A2X has a discount code: “A2XA17” to save $100 on your ticket price. Here’s a link to apply the discount automatically. You have no excuse now :) Where to Find A2X at Prosper Show We’ll be at the conference both days and available to meet on the pre-conference workshop day, 21st March, too. The AVASK Stand - Booth P48 We’re going to be at the AVASK booth (P48) on March 22nd from 10:45AM to 2:00PM for Q&A and demos - come ask us all your tricky Amazon accounting questions. We’ll be on the booth again from 5:00PM to 7:00PM - We can show you how A2X works, and solve your mysterious Amazon fee problems. Then on the 23rd of March we’ll be back at the AVASK booth at 9:45AM, 11:00AM and 2:30PM for 15-30 minute Q&A or demo sessions. Manuka Honey Tasting - Room N109-N114 - March 23rd at 12:30PM Something a bit different for you! We’re bringing a selection of ridiculously expensive New Zealand Manuka honey with us (up to $100/lb pricing) and you can come taste this amazing honey for free! We’ll be in Room N109-N114 on March 23rd at 12:30PM, for a ten-minute tasting session. There’ll be prizes, so don’t be late! 1:1 Demos, Q&A and Meetings We’ll be in Las Vegas for 3 days 21-23 March and we want to talk to our users, or Amazon Sellers interested in using or working with A2X. If you’d like to book some time to speak with Ashley (Lead Developer) or Paul (Director) about how A2X works, how it could work better or how we could work together - please email us on to book time to sit down and talk. If you can’t find us on the conference floor, we’ll be playing Craps - Paul is a surgeon with the dice and assures me he has a fool-proof system to beat the casinos. We hope to meet you in Las Vegas soon!

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