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Prosper Show 2017 - Our 5 Must-See Sessions
Mar 13, 2017

Prosper Show 2017 - Our 5 Must-See Sessions

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Prosper Show is starting in just over a week and we’ve been poring over the agenda these last few days trying to decide what our top picks for sessions are. It’s tough to decide as the calibre of speakers at the event is high, but we’ve narrowed our list to our top-5. Presented in no particular order, the top 5 speakers/presentations we’re most excited to see at Prosper next week.

  1. Michael Fleming - Peisner Johnson & Company Sales Tax. No matter how much we learn, there still seems to be a million complex edge-cases and constantly changing regulations. Mike will be talking about collection and remittance for Sales Tax and we’re sure we’ll be there to find out more.
  2. Scott Scharf - Catching Clouds (@catchingclouds) Scott’s our favourite client and a true expert in ecommerce accounting, we’d be crazy to miss an hour of amazon accounting tips drawing from such extensive experience.
  3. Rick Cesari - Cesari Direct (@cesaridrtv) Rick’s Keynote on brand building is going to be a real highlight for us, hearing about iconic brand building behind companies like GoPro and tips for replicating that success in our own products.
  4. Pat Petriello - CPC Strategy This talk sounds like SEO for Amazon listings: improving your ranking by optimising your content. We’re interested to learn about these strategies - if there’s a way to win customers with low (or no) sponsored product bids through specially crafted product copy, we’d like to know!
  5. Joseph Hansen - Prosper Show & Buy Box Experts (@josephhansen_) Joseph wil talk about advanced Amazon strategies, efficient accounting caught our eye - something very close to our hearts. We hope to learn something new here!

Anyone we missed? If you think there’s someone we should check out, let us know! And if you’re going to be at the show, come say hi.

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