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Release Notes: July 2017
Jul 20, 2017

Release Notes: July 2017

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Big news this month, we’ve released a new easier to use and faster Accounts and Taxes mapping screen, it looks like this:   It might not look that different to the old screen, but there’s several important changes:

  1. A2X will now offer to automatically create generic accounts in your accounting system chart of accounts, for example we’ll make Amazon Shipping for the shipping amounts Amazon charges. You can (of course) choose any account you like, or make any new account you like, but if you’re happy with generic options, these can save you some time.
  2. If we detect an existing account with the same name in your chart of accounts, instead of creating it, we’ll simply suggest it as a recommended mapping. Again, you can ignore that and choose any account you like.
  3. As always advanced users can expand the full transaction details for each transaction type (using the little orange plus symbol + on each row) and map the accounts and taxes at a fine-grained level on each transaction.
  4. AutoMapping is the default for new accounts. That means if you choose an account and tax for the high-level transaction type, we’ll automatically apply that to the transactions in that category for you if any new ones appear over time. This used to be off by default, now it’s on by default option for new users. There is no change for accounts created before July 2017. As always you can enable or disable this setting as required on the Accounts and Taxes screen. Advanced users who want extremely tight control of their transaction mappings, can disable this feature so all transactions will require specific mappings.

You can also still copy an existing mapping from one of your other A2X accounts, this can make it a lot easier to re-use mappings if you manage multiple A2X accounts for clients with similar configurations and the same chart of accounts. Our goal with these changes was to streamline the Accounts and Taxes mapping screen for new A2X users making it easier to get started, while still allowing our advanced users to have very detailed control of their Amazon accounting. We’d welcome your feedback on the changes, please email us or comment below!

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