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Catching Clouds and A2X: What Makes a Great Partnership
Aug 3, 2017

Catching Clouds and A2X: What Makes a Great Partnership

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A2X and Catching Clouds - A Great Partnership.

  I’m pleased to announce the launch of our A2X partner program, and to introduce the first official A2X partner, Catching Clouds of Denver, Colorado, Catching Clouds provides outsourced ecommerce accounting services for online businesses. The Catching Clouds team are experts in Amazon ecommerce businesses, the technology, and the accounting they need to manage their businesses. Owners of Catching Clouds, Patti and Scott Scharf, have been working with the A2X team since January 2014.  Over the years the two companies, A2X and Catching Clouds, have formed a team approach and have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge around the complexities of Amazon seller accounting. As a result, a true partnership has formed.  We talked to Scott about what he valued most in a ‘great partnership’ and ’together’ we have put into words why this partnership works.

It all starts with a relationship

We enjoy working with Scott and the team at Catching Clouds. They are an incredibly innovative group of minds, fun to work with and have a pragmatic approach to ecommerce business.  Scott says:

“It all starts with a relationship and this includes a professional relationship but more importantly getting to know the people we are working with.  We have socialized together and have had many discussions on where the ecommerce space is going.  It makes working with each other interesting and fun!”

Open to feedback, always improving

Scott and the team at Catching Clouds have been providing continual feedback to A2X for the last 3 years.  Scott says:

Our many ideas and requests aren’t always implemented but they are heard and considered and that makes us feel listened to and **understood.  **These are two very key parts of any partnership."

At A2X we are always keen to hear about Scott and his team’s ideas.  They are logical, backed up by good business sense and he always seems to be a little ahead of the game.  We value and take very seriously feedback about the service A2X provides. Our partners are everyday users of A2X and they are in a position to be excellent advisers on usability, ecommerce business process and functional requirements.

Providing real value

At A2X we know our product adds real value to the complex world of Amazon seller accounting and we could say that this is the foundation on which our partnership with Catching Clouds was formed.  Scott quickly realised the real value of A2X to his business, and more importantly to his clients’ businesses.   Scott explains:

A2X is one of our accountants’ favorite solutions.  A2X provides real time savings, consistency, and reliability an in other words, it provides real value to us and our clients at Catching Clouds.  We can trust that A2X cares about our clients as much as we do."

The future

The future with Scott, Patti and the team at Catching Clouds is exciting.   Together we are working on new functionality that optimizes the workflow for our e-commerce accounting partners.  Everything from reporting, an accounting dashboard and managing multiple customers and staff as easily as possible.  Scott states:

We are collaborating to solve Amazon accounting and data challenges for our mutual customers and any online sellers that find A2X."

I welcome Catching Clouds to the A2X partner programme.

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