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A2X Welcomes bookskeep as an Accounting Partner
Aug 13, 2017

A2X Welcomes bookskeep as an Accounting Partner

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Here at A2X we feel privileged to have Cyndi Thomason from bookskeep join our group of North American Partners. Two years ago bookskeep started working with their first Amazon seller client and quickly began partnering with more Amazon sellers every month. Cyndi quickly realized something: Many Amazon pros were pursuing the same flexible lifestyle she was! One of the primary goals at bookskeep is to free up their clients so they can enjoy their life and build a business.

Finding A2X

Cyndi soon realized what a pain recording all the details of the Amazon Deposit into Xero or QuickBooks Online by hand was and through some good research and investigation, Cyndi came across A2X. She now offers A2X as a solution to her clients. Cyndi says:

“A2X is amazing technology that pulls data, and crunches the data to generate a summary deposit. Once the summaries are generated, it pushes them into Xero or QuickBooks Online”

Focus on Profitability

Using consistent, accurate financial reports has enabled Cyndi and her team at bookskeep to pinpoint the factors driving profitability for their clients and it has taken the stress out of creating business financials. It has and will continue to allow her clients to grow their businesses. Cyndi explains:

“This tool is an incredibly reliable way to post income properly. Amazon sellers deserve to have a clearer picture of their financial results to plan steps towards profitability”

Bookskeep work with Amazon seller clients to help implement A2X into Amazon seller bookkeeping. For a full description of what Cyndi and bookskeep have to say about A2X, read here.

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