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Morgan Wilson | Creditte

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More time to help eCommerce clients flourish

Discover how Australian accounting firm Creditte uses A2X to automate bookkeeping processes, saving hours of data entry. With that time, the team can focus on high-value advisory tasks that will help clients build better eCommerce businesses. Connected to Xero, Microsoft 365, DataDear, Hubdoc, HubSpot, Dext and Teams, A2X delivers seamless service – and makes it easy for Creditte to work alongside other suppliers like Full Stadium and Practice + Pixels.

“Everyone deserves a good accountant” – Morgan Wilson

Morgan Wilson has a way with numbers. As a chartered accountant, he worked in mid-tier and boutique accounting firms and as an in-house CFO. One day, he realised that many eCommerce sellers lacked access to the high-level strategic advice that could help them build better businesses.

In 2020, Morgan set out on a mission to change that.

Starting a business during a global pandemic is risky but in the world of eCommerce, Morgan couldn’t have picked a better time. While people have been shopping up a storm from their living rooms, Morgan and his team have been helping clients through the busiest period of their lives.

Supporting Australian sellers to go global

Over the last 18 months, Creditte has been making waves in the eCommerce scene. As an accounting and advisory firm, it works with Amazon and Shopify sellers right across the eCommerce business spectrum – from idea to start-up through to fully-fledged with a turnover of millions of dollars.

The sweet spot? Supporting eCommerce businesses to level up by providing the meaningful insight they may be missing by not having a dedicated finance function.

Couple that with accounting firm partnerships in the US and UK, and Creditte’s clients never miss a compliance beat.

“The market that we’ve got in Australia is only approximately 20 million people. So, the first step for a lot of clients is, ‘How do we sell internationally?’ Because that’s a pool of six billion people,” Morgan explains.

Before: time-consuming data entry

Before using A2X, the Creditte team spent a lot of time on data entry, processing invoices and manual reconciliations. Per client, this could equate to anywhere between 20-60 minutes per month.

Morgan could see that a lack of automation would soon become a barrier. He also found the complexity of Amazon and Shopify transaction data often tied up his bookkeeping team, “so I was looking for a way of automating that process.“

“There were a couple of clients who we wanted to get back to about the way they ran their businesses, but we were spending too much time on the nitty-gritty – and we just couldn’t get around to it.”

After: up to an hour saved per client, more value-add

When Morgan happened across A2X, he was “shocked at how much time it saved.” Given the level of double handling involved transferring data from Amazon to Xero, he says A2X was “a no-brainer.”

“We couldn’t believe we hadn’t been using A2X since the beginning, just because it saves so much time and it’s accurate!”

While the automation has helped the Creditte team save up to one hour per client, Morgan says the greatest benefit is “value that we’ve been able to provide our clients because we have more time.

“Now, we can take a step back from the daily numbers and help our clients make those informed decisions that will grow their businesses.”

A2X one piece of digital tool puzzle

Creditte was born at the peak of COVID, which means the business had no choice but to set itself up as a digitally-led firm. The team works remotely from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Victoria – and that’s the way things will stay, according to Morgan.

That move is intentional. When you work in the land of eCommerce, you’ve got to be able to confidently operate as your clients do, Morgan adds.

That’s why, alongside A2X, the firm uses a raft of digital tools to make life easier, including Xero, DataDear (inventory), Hubdoc or Dext (expense management), Microsoft 365, Teams (video calls), and HubSpot (for booking meetings).

Creditte’s digital setup is supported by a marketing agency called Full Stadium that runs its social media, and Practice + Pixels that takes care of the website.

Morgan says, “There’s a lot of noise out there. So, when choosing the right digital tools, sometimes you’ve just got to throw yourself off the deep end.“

“Take your time and do your due diligence, but sometimes you’re better off pulling the trigger on it and learning from a few mistakes rather than constantly having that same problem pop up over and over again.”

Within the hour, A2X had solved their problems, Morgan explains. That is not only enough to recommend it to others, he says, but it also does so much more than that.

“I think the biggest takeaway is that it frees up so much time to allow you to provide more value to clients and they’re so much more appreciative of that – rather than you processing an invoice for them.”

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