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A2X & Xero present the Amazon Accounting Meetup in Las Vegas
Mar 8, 2018

A2X & Xero present the Amazon Accounting Meetup in Las Vegas

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Our previous Amazon Accounting Meetup in Austin, TX at the previous Xerocon was a huge success! To follow suit we’re bringing another one, this time in conjunction with our sponsor Xero to Las Vegas, NV for the PROSPER Show on March 12-14 2018. If you’re in town for the PROSPER Show, please do join us at Gordon Biersch, LV for an informal get together for a drink and a chat about all things Amazon marketplace accounting! We’ve lined up an exclusive panel of several Amazon-expert accountants to answer our toughest questions about some of the tricky financial challenges for Amazon sellers - marketplaces, international multi currency selling, sales tax, VAT, FBA, inventory, fees, charges and cashflow. So it’s sure to be educational.   Our Panel of Speakers: Jeremiah Kovacs - Founder of MuseMinded - Automated Accounting For Amazon Sellers Cyndi Thomason - CEO/Founder of bookskeep – Profit First Professional and Amazon accounting expert Melanie Shabangu MSc Finance - Partner at AVASK - Amazon accounting and business consulting experts. Scott Scharf - Co-Founder of Catching Clouds - Expert E-Commerce Accountants Our panel of speakers will be here for a short Q&A to answer all your tough Amazon accounting questions, put your thinking caps on to think of a few before you arrive. Complimentary drinks & canapes thanks to our sponsors Xero and A2X.   For more details on the meetup, click here Venue: Gordon Biersch, LV Address: 3987 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169, USA Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm We look forward to seeing you there!

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