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Product update: Free trial available for Amazon cost of goods sold and FBA inventory valuation, plus new cost management tools
Jul 23, 2018

Product update: Free trial available for Amazon cost of goods sold and FBA inventory valuation, plus new cost management tools

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In the latest release of A2X you’ll notice a few changes that we’ve made to cost management, cost of goods sold and FBA inventory. We’ve been hearing your feedback, so thank you for the input and suggestions, we hope you like the new tools.

  1. Cost of goods sold (COGS) is now integrated into the A2X free trial, so you can set up and preview cost of goods before choosing your plan. 
  2. FBA Inventory valuation and FBA inventory locations can now be previewed during a free trial of A2X.
  3. Costs can now be managed using a simplified editor directly in A2X, without needing to download and upload CSV files or edit them in a spreadsheet.
  4. A2X will automatically collect your Amazon product SKUs from your Amazon inventory and settlement data, to make it easy to find missing products and set costs for all products in A2X.
  5. Accounts subscribed to plans that do not include cost of goods sold (COGS) or FBA inventory can also preview COGS and FBA inventory features. If you’re on an older plan without support for COGS, you can preview COGS in your settlements. You can also now access the inventory menu to preview a monthly inventory report.

  Managing Costs We’ve heard from you that downloading, editing and uploading CSV files to manage your costs is a painful process, and we know keeping track of your Amazon products and SKUs and, ensuring you have costs for all of them can be tricky. So, we have built a new way to manage your Amazon product costs in A2X. A2X can now automatically scan your settlements and FBA inventory and collect your SKUs into an easy to manage table, and give you an easy way to edit that table directly in A2X. To get started, click Refresh SKUs. Then after a few minutes, A2X will have found your products and you can set costs, and click Save Costs to save the cost values and begin using them in calculations for cost of goods sold, or FBA Inventory valuation. On the Cost History tab, you can review, download and edit old cost uploads and on the Advanced Costs tab you can still download, edit and upload CSV’s, just like ol’ times. (note: if you have over 10,000 products, you need to edit the costs using a spreadsheet.) To get started using the new manage costs screen click the new ‘Costs’ top menu, which replaces the old Costs tab in the Settings page:     Any feedback, problems or suggestions for the new cost tools are most welcome, please contact us at   Previewing Cost of Goods Sold and FBA Inventory Back in March we released new A2X plans with some advanced featured for calculating cost of goods sold (COGS) and FBA inventory valuations. These were bundled into new plans at the Starter tier and higher and the feedback has been positive for both features, but up to now you had to subscribe in order to trial or experience these new features. Users who were trialling A2X, or who were on a smaller or older plans without the new features were not able to see what all the fuss was about. Now free trial accounts will be able to set up and use costs for a single settlement, and preview a single FBA inventory month. This will let you evaluate the benefit of these features before deciding which plan to subscribe to. Existing users will also be able to preview COGS features in each settlement, and preview an FBA inventory valuation. The limitation of the preview is you cannot send the data to your accounting system or review the SKU-level details, but you can see the total, and how the feature works, which we hope will allow you to evaluate the feature without needing to upgrade.   This will give all users a chance to try the new features, and experiment with the new cost management tools.

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