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The Lazy Entrepreneur Podcast Features A2X
Feb 7, 2019

The Lazy Entrepreneur Podcast Features A2X

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A2X was featured on the Lazy Entrepreneur Podcast this week. Where long time business owner and A2X user, Sam Priestley showed his listeners the details of the day-to-day of his Amazon FBA accounting. He goes into depth on how he combines a traditional accountant, bookkeeping software and A2X to handle a large international Amazon FBA business. Explaining it all to his wife and business partner Emma who has no experience whatsoever with accounting or bookeeping. It is a great dynamic and forces Sam to keep things simple and avoid buzzwords. Sam is based in the UK and so has a slightly different take on Amazon and Amazon FBA than you might be used to. As well as a slightly different set of problems to deal with. Such as VAT and laws around running businesses in the UK and Europe.   In his own words, he has found it difficult to find an affordable accountant in the UK with the required knowledge to help him run his international Amazon FBA business. And credits A2X for making it possible to simplify the process and reconcile his bookkeeping to the point that a local accountant can take over. Explaining how A2X forms a necessary link between Amazon Seller Central and more traditional bookkeeping software such as Xero or QuickBooks. Translating with a few clicks the sales and expenses data from all the different Amazon countries he sells in. The episode is an extension of his popular article on how he automates his Amazon FBA accounting. Both the article and the podcast are well worth checking out. If you are listening on an Apple device then The Lazy Entrepreneur Podcast can be found in the native podcasting app. If you using on Android or regular computer then we recommend either YouTube or Spotify.

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