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Join e-commerce accounting experts in Chicago at the A2X + Xero booth
Jun 13, 2019

Join e-commerce accounting experts in Chicago at the A2X + Xero booth

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This June, 25th - 28th, A2X is joining forces with Xero and heading along to the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago. Why IRCE? IRCE is the largest e-commerce conference globally. This conference is a must attend for all e-commerce sellers. IRCE offers businesses the solutions they need to stay ahead in the dynamic e-commerce sector. What is different? A2X+Xero will be hosting an e-commerce accounting expert Q&A at the booth, with scheduled appearances from top e-commerce accounting partners, Co-Founder Catching Clouds, Scott Scharf, and Co-Founder Xendoo, Lil Roberts. Be sure to visit the A2X+Xero booth to benefit from Scott and Lil’s extensive knowledge. There are 3 crucial parts to e-commerce accounting and this is the first time your entire e-commerce accounting solution will be in one place. 1. Accounting Software Finding a cloud accounting system that works for your business is essential. Xero Accounting is the future of e-commerce. When business is done in the cloud, a wide range of doors open up for ways that sellers can make their businesses more efficient as a result. 2. E-commerce Accountants Business owners need to have an accountant who specialises in e-commerce and understands the platform you are selling on. E-commerce accountants will make sense of all your revenue and fees, answer all your questions, develop strategy and ensure your business is continuing to grow at a sustainable pace. 3. A2X A2X is the special ingredient that will automate your bookkeeping and streamline your processes. A2X ensures your financials are up-to-date, accurate and completed in a timely manner. If you are using Xero and have an e-commerce accountant, then A2X is the missing piece of the puzzle. A2X Partners About Scott Scharf, Co-Founder Catching Clouds Scott co-founded Catching Clouds because he is passionate about helping e-commerce sellers run their businesses sanely and profitably by providing detailed, accurate financials they can trust. He has been consulting and solving business problems for over three decades and now for online sellers.  Read more about Scott here and be sure to bring along your questions. About Lil Roberts, Co-Founder Xendoo Lil Roberts has a passion for small business. Lil experienced first-hand the shortfalls of the accounting industry. An industry ripe for change Lil began Xendoo with the goal to provide small business owners with accessibility to CPAs, predictability of pricing, and speed to their numbers delivered through a technology foundation. About Xero Xero is the talent and technology behind online accounting software for small businesses. Automate key tasks – invoicing, expensing, reporting – to help save time and money. You can also customize your Xero experience with over 700 apps, including popular solutions for point-of-sale, time tracking, e-commerce and more. Learn why over 1 million customers worldwide use Xero at It is not too late to join us; please email and ask for a discount code for your conference pass. See you all there!

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