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How to leave a review of A2X on the Amazon Appstore
Aug 7, 2019

How to leave a review of A2X on the Amazon Appstore

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Amazon apps now have a home for reviews, and A2X is front and center here.

Reviews mean a lot to us at A2X, but they also mean a lot to you, all the new customers that are looking for solutions to their e-commerce accounting. The thousands of positive experiences our customers have helps to guide new customers to our solution so that it might help them too.

The proof is in the pudding, as you can see from the hundreds of reviews that you, the person accounting for your e-commerce sales, have taken the time to share on the independent app websites that are most relevant to you and your colleagues, from Capterra, Shopify, and Xero.

Now, you can add Amazon’s app store to the mix.

How to review A2X on the Amazon Appstore.

It’s very easy, head over to this link here, sign into your Seller Central account and leave a review for A2X - It only needs to be a few words!

Leave a review for A2X on the Amazon Appstore

(Note: you will need to be signed into your Seller Central account to be able to view the Amazon Appstore A2X listing)

If you don’t have a Seller Central account, please consider leaving a review on Capterra, Shopify, and Xero.

Marketplace Appstore Communication Guidelines

The Marketplace Appstore Communication Guidelines explain how you may communicate to customers that your application is in the Marketplace Appstore. They also explain how you may communicate to customers with regard to ratings and reviews.

Ratings and reviews in the Marketplace Appstore

Sellers can leave ratings and reviews for an application in the Marketplace Appstore using a link on the application’s detail page. Ratings and reviews can help sellers discover applications that are right for them.

The following policies govern activities related to ratings and reviews:

Can I request a review?

You may announce the existence of Marketplace Appstore ratings and reviews to your users through broadcast channels (for example, blog posts or press releases) but you may not target or solicit reviews from individual users (using email, for example). For more information, see the Marketplace Appstore Communication Guidelines. You must adhere to these guidelines for any communications related to ratings or reviews. The Marketplace Appstore Communication Guidelines are consistent with similar guidelines for For more information about community guidelines for, see Ratings and reviews in the Marketplace Appstore, above.

Who is eligible to leave a review?

Only a verified user of an application may leave a review for that application.

How will ratings be calculated?

Amazon calculates an application’s star ratings using a machine learning model rather than a raw data average. The machine learning model takes into account multiple factors.

What should I do if I think a review is fake?

If you believe that a review or rating has been submitted in violation of Amazon guidelines, you can report the violation by clicking the Report abuse link near the review. Include the reason you believe the rating or review violates the guidelines. You can also email us for more information at See Ratings and reviews in the Marketplace Appstore, above, for Amazon’s policies governing ratings and reviews.

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