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Grow Your Business with a Successful Data-Driven Strategy
Oct 19, 2020

Grow Your Business with a Successful Data-Driven Strategy

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Sellers Funding Data Insights is a Game Changer for Amazon Sellers

Guest post by SellersFunding. Updated October 2020.

It’s no secret that big data is rapidly changing the way companies do business and helping them make more informed decisions. This is why it is vital to have a robust data-driven strategy for your Amazon Sellers business, to stay competitive in today’s evolving marketplace.

A successful strategy not only requires a clear vision of your business goals, but it also needs to include how you will:

  1. Effectively identify and manage multiple sources of data.
  2. Build an analytics model for predicting and optimizing outcomes.

With a vast amount of information to grasp in this area, it can be overwhelming. This is why we’re here to eliminate the guesswork and help you make decisions with confidence.

As advocates of data science and building data-driven processes, our mission at A2X is to help you understand your numbers and grow in the ecommerce market.

Laptop and credit card.

Focusing on What Matters: Smart Technology and Credit Solutions

Traditional lenders use standard credit assessment models to pre-approve borrowers. SellersFunding, on the other hand, uses the latest technology to assess the creditworthiness and financials of potential borrowers.

We leverage our expertise on marketplace dynamics and use artificial intelligence to develop an exclusive risk assessment that is unmatched and highly valuable to you.

As an Amazon Seller, Knowledge is Power

To stay ahead of the game, you want to know how you stack up against the competition. Our goal is to provide transparency and information available to sellers, so you are well-informed.

With a database containing more than three years of data and sales metrics of 1.5 million Amazon sellers in the U.S, our technology allows us to accurately forecast sales ranging from 30 to 180 days.

To understand and project sales performance of online sellers, our original artificial-intelligence model analyzes data generated through dozens of metrics.

Credit card

Projecting your Borrowing Power

Our Prediction Model forecasts with a 95% accuracy rating following a 90-day sales performance period. This allows us to project the maximum borrowing power for applicants, deliver fast and flexible credit solutions to marketplace sellers.

By taking the headache out of manual applications, and analysis of loan approvals, SellersFunding focuses on what matters by building an evolving robust business offering with continuous improvements. This allows our clients to focus strictly on growing their business.

Next, we plan to implement a model with the ability to estimate margins and speed of sales for applicants.

Smart watch

Save Time with Automation and A2X

Are you spending hours manually transferring data, resulting in you losing time on concentrating on what’s important?

Bring your focus back to the bigger picture: creating new business opportunities and new products to sell on Amazon. This is where our accounting software, A2X comes in to inject efficiencies back into your business.

We make data collecting easy with the use of accounting software such as Xero or QuickBooks. By accurately recording all the information on an accrual-accounting basis, you are given a clear picture of their financials, based on value flows rather than cash movements.

By providing accurate numbers that are updated in real time as sales come in, you can gain reliable insights into your financial position and the health of your Amazon business.

The information recorded by A2X software allows you to have a better idea of the amount of stock needed for each SKU and how these stocking requirements vary by season.

The bottom line

Technology and data are better than opinions. With the combined insights of SellersFunding and A2X, Amazon sellers, like you, can develop a data-driven strategy required to get ahead of the game and grow your business.

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