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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use A2X for Ecommerce Accounting
Nov 3, 2020

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use A2X for Ecommerce Accounting

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Oh yeah, that’s right. We’re not for everyone.

What? Why?!

We’re excited about our customers, and what they’re working to achieve. These are people who want to focus on their businesses, and not waste their time doing things that could easily be automated. 

The fact is, everything we do is designed to provide you with a wonderful customer experience - something we really value. 

Speaking of values, other things that are important to us include innovative solutions, trusted relationships, and razor-sharp accounting accuracy. 

Our customers are successful ecommerce entrepreneurs with flourishing businesses (and their accountants). Because we value them, we want to make sure we’re a good fit - so there are some people who just shouldn’t sign up with us. 

In this guide, we take a look at 7 reasons why you shouldn’t use A2X for your ecommerce accounting.

  1. You don’t value your own time

You have to wear a lot of hats when you’re running a business, so if you like to keep those babies stacked up like a hatstand in the Mad Hatter’s hattery, we’re probably not for you. 

Thing is, we’d be quite happy to take that accounting hat off your head and swap you for an efficiency belt. But not everybody is ready to have that conversation. Maybe you’re enjoying that pile of hats. They’re warm. 

If you’re happy to spend hours every month manually entering your financial data when you could be doing other things, then carry on - you seem busy - we’ll stop talking and let you get back to that. 

  1. You don’t think your finances are that important

At A2X, we believe that businesses flourish and fall based on how their financials are handled, so accurate accounting is always worth the investment.

With pricing that offers the best value compared to our biggest competitors, and with software that’s 100% accurate by design, it’s important to us that our customers understand what that value means for them.

Accuracy is crucial for business financials, and you need to get it exactly right. So our systems have been developed to ensure that our customers aren’t ever dealing with endless, confusing reports - and everything gets done right, first time.

What’s more, we use accrual accounting, so transactions are recorded at the time they occur rather than when money changes hands. This provides you with a more accurate picture of your financials, making it easier to compare between periods.

If you’re prepared to hand over the backbone of your business to someone who thinks that “near enough is good enough” in order to save a few bucks a month, then go right ahead - we’re not right for you. 

  1. You don’t care if your data isn’t secure

Our data is secured by the best: we use bank grade encryption with the Google Cloud Platform. 

We can’t stress how critically important this is to us.

All of your information is securely stored in the cloud, and protected so that nobody can access it without permission. We also have in-house software engineers, ensuring a safe and secure experience for our customers.

If you don’t mind just anyone having access to your private financial data, then we’re not a good match.

  1. You don’t want to grow your business

We offer scalable plans that grow with your business. No matter how many sales you make, you only ever need to click a few buttons in order to reconcile your accounting. More sales doesn’t mean more accounting work on your end.

There are plenty of options out there that only cater to organizations of a specific size - but if you outgrow them (or hey, even if you want to scale down), you’ll have to switch to another ecommerce accounting system. 

If you’re a person who believes that more sales should equal more bookwork, and you don’t want your business to outgrow your current system, then you do you - just not with us.

  1. You don’t want an expert accountant involved in your accounting

We’ve partnered with over 500 leading ecommerce accountants worldwide through our accounting partner program.

Our support team is even made up of accountants - you’ll only be dealing with true, qualified industry professionals.

A2X is trusted by the experts for its accuracy, data security, and simplicity. If that doesn’t turn your wheels, we aren’t sure what will - so we’re not for you.

  1. You like problems, not solutions

A2X was developed by Paul and Ashley, who created ExportX: a leading exporter that represents New Zealand and Australian brands worldwide on Amazon marketplaces. 

They developed A2X to address one of the biggest headaches in ecommerce accounting: how to get accurate, reconciled accounts from often confusing and complex settlement reports. They figured, retail is changing - so why shouldn’t our accounting systems change to keep up?

If you’d rather shun the latest innovations and stick around in the ecommerce dark ages with outdated systems and accounting methods, then light up your oil lamp - we’re just not for you.

  1. You like your innovation off-brand

We’re the original e-commerce accounting pioneers - we developed the settlement accounting method and pioneered the ecommerce connector industry by connecting Amazon Seller Central accounts with Xero accounting software (and now Shopify, Walmart, and eBay too).

We’re a member of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council, and we’ve won a stack of awards from Xero and QuickBooks for our innovative solutions.

Others might try to copy us, but we’re leading the curve. We don’t need to go on about it though - just check our 750+ glowing reviews from happy customers who have experienced our systems for themselves. 

So if you’d prefer not to have the best in your business, then you do you - we’ll be leaping and bounding our way to the next exciting development.


So there they are in all their glory - seven rock-solid reasons why you shouldn’t use A2X for your ecommerce accounting. If these descriptions fit you, then we probably won’t be a good match.

However, if you’re determined to work with qualified, industry-proven professionals to make sure your accounting is nothing short of flawless, then we’d love to invite you to start a free trial.

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