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A2X Wins Xero Americas Industry Specific App of the Year 2018
Dec 7, 2020

A2X Wins Xero Americas Industry Specific App of the Year 2018

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We’re thrilled to announce that A2X has been granted the Industry Specific App of the Year award at the Xero Americas Awards 2018.

This award recognizes the fact that accountants and bookkeepers in North America (and throughout the world) are gaining significant amounts of value out of using A2X to automate their Amazon accounting.


“The niche focus of A2X has really paid off… no other tool on the market nails Amazon payout reporting like the tool they’ve made. It’s ALWAYS accurate and saves loads of time.”

- Jeremiah Kovacs, MuseMinded

Through the A2X partner programme, we have cultivated relationships with accountants and developed a comprehensive set of resources to make life easier for bookkeepers.

Xero - Cloud Accounting for Modern Companies

Xero is a global small business accounting platform which is supported by over 100,000 accredited business advisors worldwide.

The Xero Americas awards are an annual event that celebrates excellence in a range of areas related to accounting, technology and financial services.

Winners were judged based on a range of factors such as:

  • Innovation.
  • Ability to boost productivity and provide client solutions.
  • Strong marketing strategies.
  • Certification.
  • Use of cloud technology to provide value to small business customers.

This year’s Xero Americas awards judging panel included key executives from Xero and guest judge Ranica Arrowsmith - technology editor at Accounting Today.

Catalyzing Success Through Technology

“Technology provides the power and tools for today’s accountants and bookkeepers to become true business advisors. With the assistance of cloud technology, advisors can help small business owners ease pain points and empower them to achieve success."

- Keri Gohman, President of Xero Americas.

A2X empowers accountants and Amazon sellers by streamlining the flow of financial information between Seller Central and Xero.

Before A2X was launched in 2014, the process of accounting for Amazon sales was a time-consuming task that was hard to get right. Just like many other winning apps, A2X was born out of the need for a better solution.

Prior to developing this technology, founders Paul Grey and Ashley Schroder were running ExportX, a company that helps local producers in New Zealand and Australia to sell their goods on Amazon.

“From the beginning they’ve encountered first-hand the challenges in accounting accurately for Amazon marketplace transactions… the years of building software connected to Amazon’s marketplaces worldwide, provides the foundation of deep expertise upon which A2X is designed and developed, to exacting software engineering standards.”

- Source

After many years of struggling to accurately account for Amazon sales and expenses, Paul and Ashley decided to do something about it. This is what resulted in the birth of the A2X accounting system.

Who Uses A2X and What Value Does It Offer?

A2X for Xero is made to help Amazon sellers and their accountants.

By using our technology, accountants and bookkeepers can be confident that the information taken from Amazon is accurate and reliable. Automation significantly reduces the chances of human error when compiling financial records.

Through its partner programme, A2X works closely with specialist ecommerce accountants and bookkeepers worldwide, helping automate their operations and assist them in better serving their Amazon seller clients.

Keen to learn more?

We’re passionate about helping people to simplify their Amazon accounting. If you would like to find out more about how A2X works and what makes it unique, the following resources may be of value to you:

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