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Announcing the Launch of A2X for Sage
Feb 7, 2021

Announcing the Launch of A2X for Sage

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Sage began life as a startup in 1981. 

Founded by David Goldman to automate the accounts of his own business, Sage now has 13,000 employees worldwide and millions of customers across 23 countries. And, in 2018, Sage took their offering to the cloud. 

Today, we at A2X are excited to announce that Sage Business Cloud Accounting customers will now be able to integrate with our software for seamless ecommerce accounting. Truly a world-class software match made in heaven. 

Sage Expands its Ecommerce Offering

Sage is one of the largest technology companies in the UK, and enterprise resource planning software suppliers in the world. Passionate not just about their loyal customer base of dedicated entrepreneurs, Sage also gives back. 

Sage CEO Steve Hare set his company a challenge: to mobilise the Sage community to raise $1 million for charity. They did it, and now, that goal has doubled. $2 million by 2022

Sage has become a brand defined not just by its distinguished software solutions and leading industry reputation, but by its wider community. And now, A2X has become part of that family. 

The Sage Business Cloud enables entrepreneurs to manage everything from anywhere:

“Everything your business needs to manage accounting and financials, operations, people, payroll, and payments. We have solutions for businesses of any size, complexity, and industry.”

The demands of the modern day business owner are vast, and as a technology company committed to making lives easier, Sage has done just that. 

Along with its cloud-based accounting software, Sage has launched its Marketplace, a space for app developers to offer Sage-approved integrations to its customers for the ultimate customizable solutions. 

By partnering with other industry experts, Sage customers have access to some of the latest and best automation technology on offer, seamlessly integrated with their accounts. And that includes A2X. 

A2X for Sage

A2X was designed to solve a specific problem for ecommerce sellers: automating the process of importing transactional data from ecommerce platforms. 

By slotting A2X into the bridge between ecommerce platforms and accounting software, data is organized automatically for users, regularly updated and even separated by month. This makes accrual accounting easy, and reconciling transactions with payments received even easier.

Sellers and their accountants love A2X, and now, Sage customers can seamlessly integrate the app too. 

Try it for free today, by clicking on this link.

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