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Introducing A2X for Etsy
Mar 31, 2021

Introducing A2X for Etsy

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To all the makers, designers and craftspeople out there, get ready to spend less time on your accounts and more time creating. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of A2X for Etsy

Etsy sellers will now be able to integrate A2X with their stores and accounting software for accurate, seamless accounting. 

Etsy: “Keep Commerce Human”

A niche marketplace dedicated to all things handmade and original, it is Etsy’s mission to keep people at the heart of ecommerce. It does this by providing a place for buyers to go that want something a little bit special:

“Our platform connects [sellers] with millions of buyers looking for an alternative - something special with a human touch, for those moments in life that deserve imagination.”

- Etsy.

With around 3.1 million sellers and more than 60 million active buyers, Etsy is no small ecommerce player. And its seller marketplace isn’t the only feather in Etsy’s hat either. 

In 2016, Etsy went a step further and launched Pattern. An ecommerce platform comparable with Shopify, Pattern allows sellers to design their own website and have greater control over their customers’ journeys. 

With plenty of payment options from Etsy Payments to Google Pay, PayPal, Klarna and more, and the ability to integrate with other platforms, Etsy is designed and operated with the modern consumer and crafty ecommerce seller top of mind. 

A2X for Etsy

Sellers need to keep track of numerous fees associated with listings, shipping, labelling, transactions, taxes, advertising and more. 

As a platform for artists and designers, it’s probably safe to assume that anyone selling on Etsy isn’t there for the bookkeeping. Interpreting these costs manually takes time away from doing what Etsy sellers love and do best: Making. 

That’s where A2X comes in.

For each bank deposit, A2X calculates the income and expense lines associated with it in tidy summaries. It splits statements and groups deposits by month so that accounts are managed via the accrual accounting method, a generally accepted accounting principle that gives you greater visibility over your cash flow and business performance.

Sellers can access their books anytime, anywhere, and reconciliation is simply a matter of matching the records already paired for them. Quick, easy and accurate. 

But don’t take our word for it:

“Great product that saves us a tonne of time. It has saved us hours of work each week and streamlined our bookkeeping.”

By integrating A2X with their accounting software, Etsy sellers can leave the machines to crunch the numbers and get back to the fun stuff. 

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