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Good Etsy Shop Names And How To Find Yours
May 24, 2021

Good Etsy Shop Names And How To Find Yours

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Etsy shop names

As an Etsy seller, creativity comes naturally to you. But if coming up with a good Etsy shop name has thrown you off your game, you wouldn’t be the first. 

Equally problematic is if you’ve already come up with your preferred store name, but tragedy strikes, and your name has been used by another Etsy shop.

Not knowing where to begin is expected, but we’ve got you covered.

Instead of heading back to the drawing board without a lick of inspiration, use this guide to ignite your creativity. Before you know it, your list of Etsy shop names will be so good it’ll be hard to choose just one!

In this Etsy shop names guide:

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Let’s get creative!

The Importance of Choosing a Good Etsy Shop Name

You’ll need to name your Etsy shop when you register for an Etsy seller account. Naming your store is unavoidable, and it’s up to you to come up with a great one that’ll represent your business well.

What good Etsy shop names need to do

  • Convey meaning: Describe you, describe your business, or elicit a feeling.
  • Be memorable: Make it easier for buyers to return to your shop or spread the word.
  • Stand out: Differentiate your business from your competitors.

Testing possible Etsy shop names can help future-proof your business. Some business name styles are easier to trademark than others, and the inclusion of researched keywords can help position your listings at the top of searches.

Brainstorming Your Etsy Shop Names

Although coming up with Etsy shop names is a creative process, lighting a candle and opening your notebook may not cut it - you might need some real-life pointers.

Start by thinking about attributes that relate to your entire business, now and in the long run. Keep in mind that choosing a name that’s too specific can be problematic when it comes time to expand your business.

Be prepared for what’s to come by creating an Etsy business plan.

Ask yourself the following questions and write a list of attributes that describe your brand with the help of a thesaurus such as Wordnik.

  • What is my business style?

    • Is it cute, serious, flashy, or modern?
  • To whom am I communicating?

    • Is your target market younger, older, professionals, or parents?
  • What do I want my customers to feel about my business?

    • Does your brand spark feelings of joy, confidence, comfort, or something else?

Including keywords into your Etsy shop name will help with SEO by organically matching a customer search with your Etsy shop, but for the sake of avoiding a generic business name, don’t include them forcibly.

To finish up your brainstorm, scan over the other Etsy shop names you consider to be your competitors - purely to gather intel, not to copy.

Styles of Etsy business names

Start by grouping your Etsy shop names into different brand name styles. You may decide to avoid a style altogether after weighing up its pros and cons. 

Let’s take a look at the different shop name styles that Etsy sellers currently use:

  • Suggestive Etsy shop names

Suggestive business names allude to the product or service you offer but less directly, often using metaphors, analogies, or puns.

Choosing suggestive Etsy shop names can elicit a positive association with your customers by informing them of your product and entertaining them at the same time. 

Get ideas from The Idiom Dictionary.

Examples of suggestive Etsy shop names:

Be mindful about how specific your wording is when describing your product, as this could limit your options when it comes to diversifying your business.

  • Inventive Etsy shop names

Considering these Etsy shop names are fabricated, inventing a business name requires creativity. But with 72% of the most successful brands using this naming style, it could be worth testing the waters.

You can collect inspiration from mythology or foreign languages and either change the spelling, make the letters symmetrical, or combine two or more words. 

Get ideas from Fake Word Generator.

Examples of inventive Etsy shop names:

It’ll be one of a kind, but it’ll likely take more effort to market your brand. This will work best for pioneers of a product if you decide to include this style in your list of Etsy shop names.

  • Descriptive Etsy shop names

A descriptive business name can clarify what you do and where it’s done or a combination of both.

This style can be helpful if you’d like to communicate a clear message to your customers, and if your product is unusual, your customers will be intrigued.

Examples of Etsy shop names that are descriptive:

Be aware that descriptive Etsy business names that are geographically specific can stunt the growth of your business. They can also be difficult to trademark.

  • Arbitrary Etsy shop names

An arbitrary business name uses definitive words which don’t have an obvious connection to your business. More often than not, the relation is in the story behind the word.

Brainstorming arbitrary Etsy shop names is as easy as closing your eyes and flicking through a dictionary or searching foreign language words. Still, a good one will generally have some relationship to your Etsy shop while being short and sweet.

Examples of Etsy shop names using arbitraries:

Of course, the potential downside to this style is that it could cause confusion, and your customers may not always connect the dots between the story behind the name, but they can come across as trendy and original.

  • Acronyms and abbreviations as Etsy shop names

Acronyms can be functional and efficient Etsy shop names. Abbreviations can make cute Etsy shop names - for example, Mr. Meow.

There is still potential to make acronyms creative, funny, or memorable, such as spelling the acronym as a relatable word, e.g., WOOF. The capitalization can also stand out among other Etsy shop names. Alternatively, you could blend acronyms with complete words.

Examples of Etsy shop names using acronyms and abbreviations:

Trademarking acronyms can be a complicated process, so if this is in your business plan, it’s best to avoid these types of Etsy shop names.

  • Eponymous Etsy shop names

This style of brand name uses your name, your dog’s name, or a name completely unrelated to you, but generally, you’ll use the founder’s name of your business, so that’ll be you!

Try this style out in your list of Etsy shop names as it can provide brand originality. If you’re the maker or designer of your products, it can be a great way to establish your business’s roots.

Examples of Etsy shop names using names:

Although it won’t be easy for your customers to determine what you sell, it’ll be easily recognizable and has the potential to stand out from the rest.

  • Compound Etsy shop names

Compound business names consist of two words that are fused together as one. If you’d like to keep your Etsy business name short, try this style out.

Start by thinking of words that convey meaning to your brand or products, split each word down the middle or into syllables, and match the pairs.

Examples of Etsy shop names using compounds:

You’ll surely drum up some original brand names using this method, but they might not always resemble the feeling or vibe you’re wanting to portray as a brand.

  • Prefix and suffix Etsy shop names

This common naming style adds prefixes or suffixes onto your Etsy shop names, such as -ion, -ily, un-, and pro-.

Once you’ve thought of words that are relatable to your brand, add on prefixes and suffixes to the beginning or end of the words, and you may come up with something catchy and original or create words that rhyme.

Get ideas from Wordoid.

Examples of Etsy shop names using prefixes and suffixes:

You’ll notice it’s common practice to use this style of brand naming, which could cause problems when you want your Etsy shop to stand out from the rest. Also, it can be better to avoid creating a name that’s too abstract.

Business Naming Principles

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to practice these principles to ensure your Etsy shop name has the potential to resonate with your customers and become a brand.

Principles for Etsy shop names

  • Consist of no more than 20 characters.
  • Have correct spelling.
  • Keep a consistent style.
  • Evoke the right emotion or meaning towards your brand.
  • Be visually appealing as a logo or in an advertisement.
  • Not limit your business’s growth.
  • Be original and stand out from competitors.
  • Include keywords for SEO.
  • Be available on Etsy and social media.

All in all, by following these principles, your Etsy shop name should turn out to be a memorable brand name for your business.

Resources and Inspiration for Etsy Shop Names

If your list of Etsy shop ideas is still looking slim, we’ve included some resources for you to explore.

Etsy shop name generators

Brand names of the most successful Etsy shops

This list of Etsy shop names is composed of stores that currently have the highest amount of sales.

Remember, a lot of effort has likely gone into building these brands, and naming a business is just one piece of the puzzle.

  1. PlannerKate1
  2. Beadboat1
  3. CaitlynMinimalist
  4. ModParty
  5. yakutum
  6. KJewelryMetal
  7. PeggySueAlso
  8. nicoledebruin
  9. ThinkPinkBows
  10. yadanabeads
  11. jewelersparadise
  12. clbeads

If you’d like to comb through over 80,000 past and present Etsy shop names, click here

Testing your Etsy shop name

It’s time to put your creative Etsy shop name to the test.

Check whether it’s:

  • Trademarked

Because Etsy doesn’t allow trademarked business names, start by first checking that your Etsy shop names aren’t breaching this rule using the Trademark Electronic Search System.

  • Optimized for search engines

A good SEO tool to use is Google Trends. Type in your Etsy shop names and note the ones that are actively searched, or replace words with the related keywords.

  • Available on Etsy

Originality is key, but if you’re attached to a store name that’s already in use on Etsy, attempt to replace, remove, or add words. 

  • Available on social media

Check that your Etsy shop names are available on Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platforms you plan to join. If unavailable, you can add words or numbers to differentiate it from the others.

It’s important to remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and although your store name can change how your customers perceive and memorize your shop name, you’ll need to run your business well from the inside out - this includes keeping your accounting in check.

Make Your Brand Bulletproof With Smart Accounting

You’ll have up to five opportunities to change your Etsy shop name if it’s not up to par, but when your accounting goes awry, you can’t start over.

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A2X keeps your bookkeeping neat and tidy so that you have more time to focus on the things you love doing: making stuff and building your Etsy business.

Your business can run smoothly when you start your free trial with A2X for Etsy today.

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