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Expand Your Business Seamlessly With A2X Multi-Channel Plans
Jul 26, 2021

Expand Your Business Seamlessly With A2X Multi-Channel Plans

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Are you an ecommerce seller (or accountant) running more than one sales channel and A2X account? 

Or perhaps you’re considering expanding and will need to do this soon?

A2X offers multi-channel plans so that you can integrate and manage your accounts seamlessly across your business. 

This guide will take you through your plan options and how to set this up. 

A2X Multi-Channel Plans

The plan levels are based on your combined sales volume per month. 

As this increases, so can your plan:

A2X multi-plans

As you can see, your plan can support anything from 1,000 orders across two sales channels per month, to 10,000 orders across five channels. 

Stick to increasing your sales, not your admin, with A2X multi-channel plans. 

How to Connect Your A2X Accounts with a Multi Plan

There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • You can select the option from within an existing A2X account if you have one (you will need one per sales channel). If not, you can start off with an A2X Multi free trial.
  • If you have a premium account for Amazon or Shopify, you are able to add additional Amazon or Shopify stores. This would only help if you’re expanding within the same platform. 

We’ll break down the instructions for each of these, below. 

For any ecommerce seller on multiple platforms

This is for sellers that have set up their A2X account/s. 

If you haven’t done this yet, start your free A2X Multi plan trial, and connect your accounting software, A2X, and your sales channels first. Visit our support center for help and tutorials. 

For this next part, it doesn’t matter which A2X account you use to set up the connection, as long as none of the accounts are already subscribed to another plan. If they are, you need to cancel and close the account/s.

From within your A2X dashboard, you can either navigate to Choose Plan if you have it available as below:

Choose plan for A2X

Or, you can navigate to Settings > Billing > Subscribe:

Screenshot of A2X billings page

These will both bring you to the multi plans. Enter your combined monthly order estimate and select A2X Multi plans:

Screenshot of A2X multi plans

This will show the plans available:

Available A2X plans

Select Choose this plan for your chosen subscription. You’ll be taken to this payment page:

A2X payment page

Once you have completed the payment, you’ll be sent back to your Billing page. You’ll now need to connect your other A2X account/s. 

Connect other A2X accounts

Use the drop-down boxes to select the accounts you want to link to the same plan. 

If at any time, your combined order volume reaches and exceeds the limit set by your plan, you’ll receive a prompt from A2X to upgrade. 

For premium Amazon and Shopify sellers using the same platform

If you are an Amazon seller that is subscribed to any of the following:

  • An Amazon 20k plan
  • Premium 50k plan
  • Premium 100k plan

Then you are able to connect multiple Amazon Merchant IDs within A2X already. 

Similarly, if you are a Shopify seller subscribed to:

  • A Shopify Advanced plan
  • Premium 10k plan
  • Premium 20k plan
  • Premium 50k plan

Then you are also able to connect multiple Shopify stores with your existing account. 

To do this, you’ll need to make sure that one of your accounts is subscribed to a plan mentioned above, but none of the others are. 

Check that this premium account is selected in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard:

A2X dashboard

Then within this account, head to Settings > Billing:

A2X billing page screenshot

Here, you’ll see the option to link your other same-platform accounts:

Add new accounts screenshot

If your combined sales volume exceeds the limit set in your plan, A2X will send you a prompt to upgrade your account. 

For eBay, Etsy, and Walmart sellers

This function is not yet available for these platforms, so to connect multiple channels for these, please contact A2X support

Accounting for Multiple Channels

It makes sense in today’s hyper-competitive ecommerce landscape to diversify and expand your portfolio, but with this comes challenges. 

You can find helpful guides and tutorials on all aspects of getting the best out of your A2X connections over at our support center.

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