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Take Our Quick Survey And Be In To Win!
Oct 18, 2021

Take Our Quick Survey And Be In To Win!

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Estimated reading time: 1 minutes.

Have you got a few minutes to spare? About three, to be exact. 

There could be one of five $100 Amazon vouchers in it for you…

What’s all this about?

We want to better understand the challenges of ecommerce sales tax audits for business owners. 

So, together with our friends at TaxValet, we have created a survey to collect data on the experiences of people with sales tax audits from across the US. 


We are doing this research to better understand the sales tax challenges that sellers are facing, the reasons why they are being audited, and the problem states. 

Our goal is to create a resource now, and more in the future, that will inform sellers and help them succeed.

Who do we want?

Ecommerce sellers and ecommerce accountants that can talk about their experience with a client.

Where should you go?

Follow this link to find the survey and go in to win a voucher.

You can also find contact details for those running the survey if you would like more information.

Thank you.

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