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How To Integrate QuickBooks For Etsy Using A2X [Tutorial]
Apr 14, 2021

How To Integrate QuickBooks For Etsy Using A2X [Tutorial]

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A2X Etsy and QuickBooks

Etsy is for the makers and creators.

If you’re an Etsy seller, it’s probably safe to assume that you didn’t open a store wanting to focus all your time on managing its accounting.

As you’ll no doubt be aware, your bookkeeping has to be a priority. Fortunately, there are some excellent software options, apps, and integrations out there all designed to make your life as easy as possible.

And if you’ve already signed up to QuickBooks, you’re halfway there.

But your Etsy QuickBooks integration isn’t the end of the story when it comes to the best plan for your ecommerce accounting. There’s another step, one that will save you huge amounts of time and headaches down the line. And that’s what we’ll explore here, as well as how to get you set up.

In this QuickBooks for Etsy integration guide:

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If you’re keen to get your integrations set up now, make sure you have your Etsy and QuickBooks account login details on hand.

QuickBooks for Etsy Sellers: What Does it Do?

QuickBooks is a cloud accounting software that helps you manage your business financials all in one place.

Its lower-cost plans enable you to track income and expenses, send invoices and accept payments, track tax deductibles, run general reports, capture and organize receipts, track miles, manage cash flow, track sales and sales tax, send estimates, and manage contractors.

At the pricier end of the spectrum, you can expect features like inventory management, project profitability tracking, analytics and insights, workflow automation, and more. See all pricing plans with inclusions here.

As an Etsy seller, you may not need all these functions. But if Etsy is just one sales channel for you, or you’re keen to grow, these are worth keeping in mind for the future.

Check out QuickBooks’ overview here:

Get Settlement and Accrual Accounting When You Sync Etsy with QuickBooks and A2X

In 2016, Etsy launched an integration with QuickBooks Self-employed, one of the multiple QuickBooks products for ecommerce.

But if you want to connect QuickBooks Online with Etsy, you may need a connector app. A2X can connect your accounts for you, as well as offer a suite of other benefits that ecommerce sellers should be looking for in their accounting.

Why settlement accounting beats importing individual transactions

When you connect Etsy with accounting software, your orders will be sent automatically and individually. This is ok, but it’s not the most organized or efficient way to record your financial activity.

A2X batches your transactions based on settlement payouts so that your bank deposits can be easily matched to your Etsy orders.

A2X calculates all the income and expense lines that go into each bank deposit, posting these in neat journal summaries to your QuickBooks account.

Your books are recorded and organized based on settlements rather than individual orders which prevents your accounting software from getting clogged up and helps you keep track of your cash flow.

Why accrual accounting is a no-brainer for ecommerce sellers

Just as settlement accounting is to do with how your finances are recorded, accrual accounting is focused on when your finances are recorded.

To understand how your business is performing, you need a handle on what income and expenses are coming up. Managing cash flow effectively is all about knowing the past, present, and future movements of your money.

And that’s what the accrual accounting method is all about. Only via the accrual method can you accurately forecast the peaks and troughs for your business throughout a financial year and plan for them accordingly.

A2X organizes your books for you based on the accrual method. So in one app, you have the best of bookkeeping management sorted.

A2X and QuickBooks for Etsy Reviews

What do existing customers of A2X and QuickBooks for Etsy think? These reviews are from verified users on the software review site Capterra.

Reviews of A2X

“We needed a way to save time in [our accounting software] when it came to doing accounting for our [ecommerce] sales. A2X was the most affordable option, and it has worked flawlessly since we first started using it 16 months ago. It’s a major time saver.”

“This software is magical. What used to take my team hours to do each billing cycle, now takes a few seconds. Accounting for [ecommerce] is a nightmare, but A2X turns it into a dream.”

“A2X is a must have for properly reconciling [ecommerce] sales in [your accounting software]. It brings in accurate data, breaks down sales, fees, and taxes, and accounts for money held and released by [your ecommerce platform] reserve. These transactions are complex, and A2X has been an amazing tool for our practice.”

Find more A2X verified reviews here.

Find A2X case studies here.

Reviews of QuickBooks for Etsy sellers

There are multiple QuickBooks products to choose from when looking for accounting solutions. QuickBooks Self-employed appears to be directly integrated with Etsy, but it may not be the best solution for you.

Check out the reviews below and remember, if you do prefer the sound of QuickBooks Online, A2X can help integrate it with your Etsy account.

QuickBooks Self-employed

“Well I was using QuickBooks Self-employed, I did like that it would automatically add transactions from my business debit card, my PayPal account, and my Etsy account. I did not like that QuickBooks Self-employed was very generalized and I was not able to tweak it or customize it to fit my business and my specific expenses and day-to-day transactions.”

“QuickBooks has been so helpful for me to keep track of my somewhat unstable income. I rely on this to get the best tax return I can get.”

QuickBooks Online

“QuickBooks Online is very easy to use and at an affordable price point for many small and non-profit businesses. Since it is cloud-based, I can access it from any computer, at home or the office. It is sleek and easy to find what I’m looking [for].”

“QuickBooks Online is very accessible accounting software. It is straightforward to use and understand. The reporting in the software is powerful and can be customized and compared to your needs. It integrates very well with hundreds of other apps and softwares.”

See more QuickBooks Online reviews on Capterra here.

For more reviews and discussions straight from Etsy sellers, check out their community forum here.

Step-by-Step Etsy QuickBooks Integration with A2X

Ready to integrate A2X and QuickBooks with Etsy? Let’s do it.

Step 1: Create your account

  1. Head to the A2X for Etsy signup page to start your free trial. You have three options for your initial sign in (click on these for more information):
    1. Continue with Google
    2. Continue with Intuit
    3. Continue with Xero

Sign in options

  1. If you already have an A2X account, you’ll be able to either continue with an existing account or, to start your new one, select “Continue with New Account”.
  2. You’ll be asked to enter a few details, after which you can select “Save and continue to your account”.

Enter details into A2X and save

  1. You’ll be taken to your A2X dashboard ready to start connecting your integrations.

A2X dashboard

Step 2: Connect Etsy

  1. In the top left of your dashboard, you’ll see the option to Continue to Etsy, click that.
  2. You’ll be given two options to choose from here. “I’m the owner of an Etsy seller account” is for you as the owner of the business. “I’m requesting access to an Etsy seller account” is for your accountant or bookkeeper to get access.

Request access

  1. You’ll be sent to the Etsy sign-in page to enter your details. You’ll then be asked to Allow Access to A2X. This is so A2X can automatically download your Etsy data.

Allow access to A2X

  1. After allowing access, you’ll be sent back to your A2X dashboard and your Etsy account will show as connected:

Connect to Etsy

Step 3: Connect QuickBooks

  1. On the right of your A2X dashboard, you’ll see the accounting software integration options. Select Connect to QuickBooks. If you’re interested in manually integrating your accounts, select the Custom Integration option and find help for this here.

Connect to accounting software

  1. Just as you did to connect your Etsy account, enter your login details for QuickBooks and allow access for A2X.

A2X accesses your Chart of Accounts and taxes in QuickBooks so that when it captures the settlements from Etsy, it can map these automatically for you.

To set these up and either use the same accounts and taxes as in QuickBooks or create new ones unique to Etsy, head to Accounts and Taxes:

Accounts and taxes

You’ll see the accounts and taxes as below:

Chart of accounts

As information is loaded into A2X, you’ll be able to choose accounts from the drop-down menu by clicking the ‘x’, or write your own in the Account field:

Account field

Similarly with taxes, you can use the drop-down menu under Tax Rate:

Select tax rate

Once you’re done, click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

If you need to refresh your cache at any time, head to Settings > Connections.

Step 5: Test it out

The last step is to test your integration and import an Etsy invoice to QuickBooks. Your latest deposits can be viewed in the Home tab, but to see all of them, go to the Deposits tab.

Review deposits

Pick a deposit and select “Review” to open up the information related to that deposit.

You can check the invoice details by opening up this box:

Review invoice

Review the accounts and taxes for that deposit, and select “Send one invoice to QuickBooks” to send it across. Below, you’ll see the same for Xero:

Send an invoice

In QuickBooks, the transaction shows up as a journal entry in the Bank register, where it can be matched and reconciled against the bank deposit:

Reconcile invoice


To get in touch with our support team for any help with setting up your accounts or using A2X, email

Find all our Support Center guides and resources for Etsy here.

Etsy and QuickBooks Online FAQs

Get all the answers to your burning QuickBooks for Etsy questions here.

Does QuickBooks work with Etsy?

Yes, it does, but depending on which QuickBooks product you opt for, you may need a connector app like A2X to integrate them.

How much is QuickBooks for Etsy?

QuickBooks pricing plans vary based on its numerous products. Pricing plans typically start from $8-16/mo and go up to $17-34/mo. See all plans and what’s included here.

How do I enter Etsy sales in QuickBooks?

By integrating A2X, Etsy, and QuickBooks, your sales are imported automatically. Once you set up your connections, you can sit back and let the tech work its magic. To integrate Etsy with QuickBooks and A2X, follow the instructions in this blog.

How much does QuickBooks Self-employed cost?

QuickBooks Self-employed pricing starts at $15 and goes up to $35/mo. The two bigger plans include a subscription for TurboTax to help manage your tax filing and returns. See the plans and what they include here.

How do I use QuickBooks with Etsy?

You may need a connector app like A2X to use QuickBooks with Etsy. If you integrate QuickBooks, Etsy, and A2X, your information will be transferred automatically between them. See our Etsy tutorials in the support center for help.

What apps integrate with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks integrates with a range of apps including world leaders like PayPal, Square, A2X, Gusto, and more to help you enhance your business operations. Find out more about QuickBooks integrations here.

Is QuickBooks worth the money?

QuickBooks is worth the money if it functions effectively for your business. The needs of your business determine what kinds of apps and integrations will be best for you. Cloud accounting software is a must-have for any ecommerce seller, so just make sure you pick the one most suited to your business and goals.

Is QuickBooks good for freelancers?

QuickBooks Self-employed is designed specifically for sole proprietors to manage their finances. It is ideal for freelancers to send invoices, track expenses, manage cash flow, and file tax returns. The higher price plans come with a TurboTax subscription. See the price plans and features here.

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