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Improvements to Two Types of Shopify Transaction Descriptions
Aug 12, 2020

Improvements to Two Types of Shopify Transaction Descriptions

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In this release, we have made improvements to the transaction descriptions for two types of Shopify transactions:

  • CurrencyConversionRounding - This is the amount of minor rounding that is sometimes applied in Shopify for orders where the customer is paying in a different currency.

  • DiscountTax - This is the amount of tax reduced due to discounts.

What does this mean for customers with these new transaction types?

If you see the new CurrencyConversionRounding transaction you can account for it as a minor rounding or adjustment in your accounting system.

If you see the new DiscountTax transaction it reflects the separation of gross sales tax from the discount tax so that these two amounts can now be accounted for separately. Many sellers will still account for both these amounts to sales, but for sellers that wish to separate sales from discounts, they can now also separate sales tax and discount tax.

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