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Add Support for and
Aug 12, 2020

Add Support for and

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New Amazon markets added to A2X: and

In this release we have added support for two new Amazon marketplaces: for Singapore and for UAE. If you sell on these marketplaces you can connect your Amazon seller account and the marketplace settlements will import automatically.

About the Marketplaces

  • is denominated in SGD currency and located in Amazon’s Asia region.

  • is denominated in AED currency and is located in Amazon’s EU region.

Connecting to the New Markets

If you add either of these markets to an existing Amazon seller account already connected to A2X, you can expect the sales to immediately import without needing to do anything. If you have a new seller account for the new marketplace, you’ll need to connect it to a new A2X account by clicking the market on the ‘Connect to Amazon’ screen, and logging in to your Amazon seller account to grant permission to A2X.

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