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It's easy to feel overwhelmed by Amazon marketplace accounting. A2X removes the complexity by posting your Amazon sales and fees directly into QuickBooks, Xero or Sage in tidy summaries that match the Amazon settlement payments in your bank account.

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How to get started with A2X for Amazon

Try A2X for free, choose plan later

Setting up A2X begins with a free trial, no credit card required. Trial now and follow setup instructions. Choose your subscription plan after your trial.

Link to your Amazon Seller Account

Use the easy to follow instructions to connect A2X to your Amazon account. A2X is read only and will not change anything.

Link to QuickBooks, Xero or Sage

Connect A2X to your accounting system. A2X will not post or change anything in your accounting system until you give the green light.

Customize your accounting

Tell A2X how you want to account for your Amazon sales and fees. Use the A2X recommended accounts or choose your own.

A2X loads your Amazon transactions

Your Amazon transactions are loaded to A2X dashboard and grouped to match the deposits you receive.

Reconcile your books with ease

Send the A2X journal entry to your accounting system. You will know your numbers are right when they match your bank deposits.

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Your books will never look better

Think of A2X like a financial housekeeper that sits between your Amazon seller account and your accounting system, tidying, sorting and summarizing your Amazon transactions while you get on with the business.

Before - Sleeping after countless hours of work. Before

Hours spent finding, allocating and matching Amazon transactions against your bank deposits.

After - Working in harmony After

Tidy summaries of your Amazon sales and fees posted straight into Xero, QuickBooks or Sage, which accurately match your Amazon settlement bank deposits.

Use A2X for COGS and FBA inventory accounting

Easily track your Amazon sales margin

A2X matches your cost of goods sold to your Amazon sales to make it easy to track your gross margin.

Calculate your FBA inventory value

A2X automatically takes an FBA inventory stocktake each month and calculates the value of FBA stock for your balance sheet.

Amazon Pay accounting and reconciliation

Have confidence that you can reconcile your Amazon Pay payouts to the originating sales transactions with Amazon Pay reconciliation accounting.

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The nuts and bolts

  • Sign up with A2X using your work email address with world-class Google authentication and security, or take advantage of Intuit or Xero SSO (single sign-on).
  • Receive access to your A2X dashboard.
  • Connect A2X to your Amazon seller account using easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Link to QuickBooks, Xero or Sage. If you don't have an accounting system yet, it's easy to connect one later.
  • A2X doesn't change any of your Amazon listings or settings, and you can disable A2X access at any time.
  • A2X imports Amazon marketplace transactions, allocates them to the correct financial months, and summarizes them to precisely match the Amazon settlement payments in your bank account.
  • A2X attaches the corresponding Amazon settlement details to the transaction summaries in your accounting system, giving you a full audit trail.
  • Connects to any Amazon marketplace worldwide. Currencies and tax rates no problem.
  • A2X uses bank-grade encryption and security for your data, and undergoes regular third-party security audits carried.

Your ecommerce business is always in safe hands

Expert support, when you need it

The friendly A2X team of Amazon accounting experts is on hand to chat if you get stuck. Reach them using the website live chat, or by email at Check out the A2X support center for answers to many commonly asked questions.

Access to accountants and bookkeepers who know your industry

Don't yet have an accountant who understands ecommerce? Consider taking advantage of the services of a trusted ecommerce accounting expert. They're all highly experienced with A2X and the complexities of Amazon marketplace accounting, and how to simplify it with A2X.
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Training we recommend

While many of you ask, we do not give out accounting and tax advice. We highly recommend the Amazon accounting courses below if you would like to do it yourself for a complete end to end Amazon accounting.

The Bottom Line CPA Training Course

Let the Certified Profit First Professionals and A2X Experts at The Bottom Line® CPA help you build a rock-solid path to profit for your Amazon FBA, eCommerce, or Online Business!

Even if you're not a "numbers" person, confidently fix your finances with DIY Bookkeeping, Tax, and Profit Mentoring inside The Profit Path™.

Catching Clouds Academy

Sign up for the Amazon accounting course from Catching Clouds!

Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers Online Course

Led by the author of Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers, Cyndi Thomason, this is an online video course that will teach you why Profit First works so well for ecommerce businesses and the particular challenges for businesses that have physical products requiring inventory management. You will learn how your behaviour drives your money management habits for your business and how you can set up your business bank accounts to work with your habits.

Profitability for Ecommerce Sellers - How to Gain Visibility Into Your Business

Led by Tyler Jefcoat, Founder of Seller Accountant. Slay your bookkeeping and master your profitability. This e-course is designed to help Amazon sellers see the full picture of your business's financials.

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