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eBay - Ability to Allow eBay Account Owner to connect to eBay

We have just made it a little easier for eBay account owners to connect to A2X (if they are not setting up A2X). When you sign up for eBay you can choose to select ‘I am requesting access to an eBay Seller Account’. When this option is selected you will be able to enter the seller’s name and sellers email address. They will be notified and can make the connection to A2X.

eBay Multi-Channel Sellers - Transactions Now Include Sales Channel Mapping

Good news for eBay multi-channel sellers Your eBay transactions will now include the eBay sales channel they relate to. For example Sales will now be shown as Sales ebay.comor Sales The change applies to any new payouts. You can refresh older payouts to apply the changes retrospectively if you wish to. For more information about this change check out Step 4 - Set up Account and Tax mapping

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