Connectbooks vs. A2X

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Ecommerce is your vehicle to super-charged business success.

Your tech stack is the fuel for your journey.

Here at A2X, we want to help you make the best accounting tech decisions for your business. In this guide, we'll be comparing our services to an alternative provider: Connectbooks.

Bold vs. A2X

By the end of this guide, you'll have the details you need to make a choice. If not, please reach out to us for further guidance and support.

What Are A2X & Connectbooks?

An overview of A2X

  • A2X is an award-winning automation app that integrates one or multiple ecommerce channels with your cloud accounting platform (Xero, QuickBooks or Sage).
  • A2X automates much of the complex ecommerce accounting process, saving sellers hugely in both time and money.
  • Get accurate accounting and transform a tedious task into just a few clicks.

An overview of Connectbooks

  • Connectbooks is an ecommerce accounting connector app that integrates Amazon, Walmart or eBay with QuickBooks.
  • Connectbooks allows you to:
  • “Automate your accounting. Track your inventory in real time. Get sales and profit calculations done for you daily.”
  • Connectbooks enables detailed inventory tracking, and daily sales information.

The Benefits & Features

A2X and Connectbooks both save you time by automating your ecommerce accounting.

But in the ecommerce world, accounting isn’t just about automation.

It’s also about partnering with you on your growth and profitability journey, by supporting your range of selling and accounting options in the ecommerce space.

This is where A2X offers unmatched value.

A2X isn’t just for individual sellers who look to connector apps to save time and simplify their ecommerce accounting.

A2X is widely trusted, praised and used by established accounting firms in the ecommerce space.

It simplifies their jobs so that they can focus on interpreting the numbers to support their clients’ business success, instead of merely capturing and reporting the data.

“We see ourselves as a trusted virtual advisor in the tax and bookkeeping space, and I can’t think of anything in the Shopify space that would trump A2X as our trusted partner.”

Tracey, CloudCounting.

“A2X has taken a very manual process for me and automated it. What used to take me a half hour or more can now be done with the touch of a button.

Ecommerce clients now have great visibility in what it really costs to sell on Amazon. I'm so excited about trying out A2X for Shopify now too!”

Verified Reviewer, Accounting Manager, Capterra.

“A2X is so much of an efficiency saver that we have added it to our standard tech-stack for all e-commerce clients.”

Rachel Bussey, Senior Advisor, E-Commerce for Aprio Cloud.

“When I understood how A2X worked compared to the other apps on the marketplace it was painfully obvious in hindsight that this is the only sensible way to do it at scale.”

Greg Pfundstein, Dubranchet.

You can read more case studies about A2X over here.

A2X was launched back in 2014.

We’ve been around the block a few times. And whilst we know the pain points - more importantly, we understand the opportunities for ecommerce sellers.

As ecommerce channels grow and offer ever-increasing benefits to sellers, you have the golden opportunity to reach more customers, across several platforms, in almost any geographic location.

Don’t let the potential headache of more complex accounting get you down.

You can rest assured that selling on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, or any combination of these platforms is simpler with A2X.

Connectbooks can help you if you sell on Amazon, Walmart or eBay, but not if you’re taking advantage of the massive opportunities of customization with Shopify, or profiting from your artisanal talent on Etsy.

“It is easy to navigate the process of the export of [ecommerce] settlement reports and the import into QuickBooks Online. The information has been accurate.”

April M., Capterra.

“It was becoming difficult with Shopify to do a lot of the reporting that I wanted to do. Then I signed on my first eBay client – and the same thing happened.

A2X does exactly what I do with my clients – it collects the data, analyses it then reports on it – without missing out any of the detail.”

Chaim Korik, Out-of-the-Box CFO.

At the time of writing, Connectbooks is a dedicated QuickBooks connector app.

So if you sell on Amazon, Walmart or eBay and you use QuickBooks for your accounting needs, it may be an option for you.

A2X is geared towards client choice, including accommodating your choice of accounting software. So, with A2X, you can also integrate with Xero and Sage.

A2X stays with you if you decide to migrate to a different accounting software, and can even backdate your historical transactions to simplify the setup. It’s like a best friend who’s always there, quietly supporting you, during your major life transitions.

“I have recently migrated to Xero from an old accounts system, and our entries for Amazon and Ebay sales were long winded and manual.

Since putting A2X into action, I now get quick accurate transfers of sales and costs into my accounts, and have saved at least an hour a day of staff time to achieve this.”

Kevin Byworth, Xero user.

Integrating with five different ecommerce channels is great.

But at A2X, our ambitions don’t end there, and nor should yours.

Multichannel selling is increasingly the must-do trend in ecommerce. In 2020, multichannel sellers generated $350 billion USD in sales, a figure that is anticipated to rise to more than US$ 575 billion by 2023.

With A2X, you can integrate your sales data from all of your channels into one set of accounts! A2X Multi subscription plans do it all for you.

With Connectbooks, you can integrate your sales with QuickBooks accounting software for one channel at a time. If you sell on Amazon, Walmart and eBay, you can’t integrate your sales data from all of them.

That’s a significant drawback for multi-channel businesses.

"The Multi-Channel option makes using A2X a breeze as you can switch back and forth between Amazon, Shopify, and other client accounts. The integration with Xero is excellent and the software is relatively easy and intuitive to set up."

Leah T., via G2 Reviews.

“I’d never have been able to process 5000 to 7000 invoices by myself, and if you ask any accountant to do that – they’d probably laugh at you.”

Marek Lasisz, founder, Silver & Beauty (multi-channel business).

(Marek started using A2X across Amazon, Shopify and eBay. He worked with his accountant to map his codes and accounts correctly and within a matter of minutes, the issues between his sales data and accounting system were sorted.)

A2X and Connectbooks have both put in a lot of effort to make their apps user-friendly and easy to set up.

But A2X understands that everyone needs a bit of extra support every now and then - whether your business processes five or 5,000 orders a month.

We’ll never overlook you.

So we offer a range of extensive support to all of our subscribers, on every subscription plan.

That’s the pot of gold at the end of the A2X rainbow: an extensive (and fast-growing) hub of resources, user support articles, blogs and information to support your ecommerce success - all for free!

In addition to this, The Ecommerce Back-office Facebook group is where you can go to learn, share tips and gain invaluable insights from other ecommerce sellers.

The A2X Partner Program for Accountants and Bookkeepers gives you access to free training, priority support and many other benefits (if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper).

Or alternatively, if you’re an ecommerce seller looking for expert help, we have the Ecommerce Accountant Directory to help you find a suitable professional.

And if you can’t find what you need there, email and live chat support is right at your fingertips.

If you sign up for the premium plan, you’ll get 1:1 support when you need it.

Connectbooks offers free live onboarding and phone support for higher priced subscriptions. But if you’re looking for detailed quick-help guides or information, you may need to head off their page and look elsewhere.

“The support provided via email and chat was very responsive, and helpful in understanding how Amazon transactions get posted, and in what currency, and how it all works. Recommended.”

Abgen, A2X and QuickBooks user.

“Great support and really does solve accounting integration with eBay, Amazon, PayPal and Shopify.”

Verified user, Finances Online.

A2X’s Mini plan offers you exactly the same functionality as our Premium plan - full integration between your ecommerce channel and your accounting software. You only pay more if your sales volume grows, or if you add more marketplaces or channels.

It’s simple. And good for business.

In addition to this, you can also access key information such as COGS and inventory figures.

Connectbooks focuses on inventory, daily sales and profit reporting in their Dashboard subscription.

Dashboard pulls your sales data from Amazon and arranges it into user-friendly graphs and reports that enable you to keep track of the details of your inventory. You can easily see which products are performing well and which aren’t, for example. It’s a great daily and monthly overview tool for products moving into and out of your business.

But if you want Connectbooks to post your Amazon figures to QuickBooks, you need to choose a higher tier subscription.

“I love how you can drill down to every fee Amazon gives us and categorize it in QuickBooks in exactly the account I need it in.”

Leeann H., Project Manager Capterra.

It may seem like a big ask to expect your humble ecommerce accounting connector app to support you in business strategy…

A2X helps you to make informed and accurate decisions by organizing your sales information via the industry-approved accrual method of accounting.

If you want to understand the peaks and troughs of your business, and identify growth and problem areas, it’s best to have your books neatly organized according to the accrual method - which A2X does for you!

Accrual vs cash accounting
Cash basis vs accural basis

“Saves a lot of time and let’s us focus on more high-value tasks in our business.”

Jonathon Z., Project Manager Capterra.

“There’s now a clear distinction between … clients who use A2X – and those who don’t. Those clients who are using it are reconciling their books faster, have up-to-date information, and have what they need to make good, timely business decisions.”

Jay Kimelman, Project Manager The Digital CPA.

“... the key benefit is having access to accurate and detailed sales, discount and returns data, which they can use to grow their businesses.

Previously, they were trying to look for some sort of pattern that could tell them what was going on, but there was no pattern because everything was all over the place.”

Chaim Korik Out-of-the-Box CFO.

“Obviously, the time savings are good. But for me, it’s just the kind of mental headspace. I can get on with making good business decisions, rather than worrying about stuff that, frankly, should take care of itself with the right tools, but often doesn’t,” he says.

David Falkner Cardology.

Your finances are the lifeblood of your business.

And depending on how your systems are set up, the information in your accounting system can be a valuable asset or an admin nightmare.

We’ve been doing ecommerce accounting for many years, and A2X has been helping sellers to succeed on autopilot since 2014. Over this time, we’ve perfected our systems and assembled a team of ecommerce and accounting experts to support your success.

We have also helped customers to solve a range of problems, by using A2X to pull the right information into their accounting software. Here’s an example of how we helped a company to prepare for sale by pulling past sales data into their accounting system in a tidy and organized manner.

Find out more in our case studies, here.

“They had a lot going on. But knowing that we could rely on A2X to build a portion of it, we felt that we could make it work. So we quoted the work, did it, and now it’s for sale.”

Cyndi Thomason, founder of bookskeep.

The Subscription Options

We’ll dig a little deeper into the details here.

Both A2X and Connectbooks offer monthly subscription options. But it’s not that easy to compare them, because the subscriptions work a little differently.

A key difference is that every A2X subscription connects your ecommerce selling platform to your accounting software. That’s right - everyone gets the same core functionality!

You only need to upgrade and pay more if you want detailed COGS reports, FBA inventory locations, and higher business volumes across more than one marketplace and/or ecommerce platform.

With Connectbooks, you only get the full package on more expensive subscription options. Dashboard doesn’t do this for you.

Connectbooks is priced according to the level and type of accounting software integration, and volume of orders across marketplaces.

So you have to decide upfront if you want only a dashboard that breaks down your Amazon sales data, or if you want a QuickBooks non-itemized accounting software integration, or QuickBooks inventory integration.

This might sound a bit confusing… At A2X, we focus on keeping it simple for you, and providing a practical solution for even the smallest of sellers.

Monthly Plans & Pricing ($USD)

A2X plans
A2X is available for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart Marketplace - or a combination!
And it integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage accounting software.


200 orders
1 sales channel
1 marketplace
$ 19


1,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 49


5,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 69


10,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 139


15,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 199


1,000 orders
2 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 79


2,000 orders
3 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 99


5,000 orders
4 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 149
Connectbooks plans
Connectbooks is available for Amazon, eBay and Walmart - separately
Connectbooks integrates only with QuickBooks.

Connectbooks Dashboard

3000-100,000 orders
$ 25 - $ 199

Amazon QuickBooks Non-Itemized Integration

1000-100,000 orders
$ 75 - $ 749

Amazon QuickBooks Inventory Integration

1000-100,000 orders
$ 99 - $ 899

New A2X customers can get one month of A2X for free.

What the People are Saying About A2X

Overall rating
From 280 users reviews
Average score
  • Ease of Use 4.7
  • Customer Service 4.8
  • Features 4.8
  • Value for Money 4.6

Source: Capterra

4.9 overall rating from 2063 reviews across

Switching from Connectbooks to A2X

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Perhaps you’re looking at switching from QuickBooks to Xero or Sage accounting software and still need a connector app?

If this is you, then you’re in the right place. Switching is easy, and if our reviews are anything to go by, you won’t regret it!

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“A2X does exactly the job you hope it will. The software was easy to integrate and use, and support from the A2X team is quick if you need it.”

Ashley P., Brainpower Nootropics.

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