Bold vs. A2X

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Fast and simple reconciliation is crucial to ecommerce accounting.

That's why accounting automation is so important.

By making the right choice in software to integrate your sales channels and cloud accounting software, you?ll unlock loads of spare time and do away with bothersome, number-related headaches.

Today, we?ll be comparing A2X with another ecommerce accounting app: Bold.

Bold vs. A2X

By the time you've finished reading this detailed comparison, you'll have all the information needed to make the right choice. If you still have questions, please reach out to us for further support.

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What Are A2X & Bold?

An overview of A2X

  • A2X is the gold-standard automation software for ecommerce accounting.
  • It integrates your sales channels (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and Etsy) with your cloud accounting software (QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage).
  • A2X automatically downloads your settlement data from your sales channels and then posts them in tidy entries that reconcile perfectly with your payouts received.
  • It also produces COGS reports and works for multi-channel sellers.
  • Every A2X subscription comes with free email and live chat support, with fast responses almost any time.

An overview of Bold

  • Bold is an ecommerce technology company that seeks to optimize experiences for online sellers.
  • They offer a range of different digital commerce products, including two ecommerce accounting apps: One for integrating Shopify with Xero and one for integrating Shopify with QuickBooks.
  • Bold automatically imports your sales data from Shopify into your accounting software daily.
  • You can sync products and inventory between QuickBooks Online and Shopify.
  • With the Xero app, it’s also possible to export orders into individual invoices.

The Benefits & Features

A2X and Bold have a few things in common. But upon closer inspection, it’s clear that their capacity for scaling, user support system, and reliability are completely different.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that set these products apart, to better inform your decision

Ecommerce selling has no ceiling when it comes to potential growth.

We want our customers to be able to scale their businesses without hindrance as soon as they’re ready for the next chapter in their selling journey.

That’s why our app can connect more than just Shopify with your accounting software.

We’ve also developed integrations for other major sales channels including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. Not to mention our latest installment: Multi-channel selling.

Now you can sell across multiple sales channels while managing all your settlement data in one accessible location.

To top it off, we also integrate with Sage accounting software - a popular option for those sellers operating in the UK market.

If sustainability and growth are what you’re looking for, you’ve got it with A2X.

“This product has added a whole new aspect of scalability to our business, and saves a great deal of time.”

Asher J., Capterra.

“Best tool out there! It's a must if you want to grow your business!”

Lynn T., Capterra.

A2X automatically creates accounting entries every time your sales channels post the settlement data.

For most channels, this means simple one-click reconciliations each time you receive a payout. No need to bother with manually matching payouts to sales, A2X does it for you.

Our app was built with ecommerce sellers and accountants in mind.

When you use one of Bold’s accounting automation apps, you’ll be receiving daily accounting entries from Shopify. That’s a lot of unnecessary numbers to deal with.

Additionally, this method of accounting is notorious for slowing down accounting software, as most programs aren’t designed for large volumes of transactions.

A2X was designed by ecommerce experts who know what works best.

We use the accrual accounting method and only deal with settlements, or batched orders (instead of individual sales), to make the whole process quick and painless.

After all, automation should mean less stress and more free time - not the other way around.

“A2X has made reconciling Shopify, Amazon, & Walmart a breeze.

The app makes it way faster and easier to see where seller fees are coming from. So much that was being done manually before is now automated.” ”

Dan Q., Capterra.

““The A2X software is easy to use and helps me and my bookkeeper keep my Amazon and Shopify records in order. Works flawlessly with QuickBooks. Definitely helps save many hours of manual input. Love this automation!”

Penny G., Capterra.

We want our users to have a pleasant, hands-free experience when they use A2X.

That’s why we have a switched on, dedicated group of real humans available to assist you at any time, with any issue or concern you may have.

We know how important it is to get accounting done on time, every time.

Sometimes one unanswered question can lead to massive delays in other areas of your business. We don’t want that to happen.

If you need assistance troubleshooting or learning about ecommerce accounting automation, our team is here to help.

On top of that, we also offer webinars, 1:1 assistance, support documents, extensive educational content, a free community group and more.

When you subscribe to A2X, you aren’t just paying for an app. You’re getting the full VIP treatment no matter your subscription level.

“I have never had so much support from an online service.”

Andrew S., Capterra.

“...a video call was set up where I worked one-to-one with someone on their onboarding team who worked through each and every part of their app and made the right selections and connections that were appropriate for my business … Even received a follow up a couple of weeks later checking if everything was fine! This is the way onboarding and customer support SHOULD work.”

Greg W., Capterra.

“To do two things at once is to do neither.”
- Publilius Syrus.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Bold and A2X is the point-of-focus.

Bold is an ecommerce optimization company offering a wide range of apps that are mostly aimed at improving the checkout and sales experience for sellers.

Sure, these apps can add lots of value to your business. But the Bold apps that apply to ecommerce accounting automation are far from being their flagship software.

A2X only has one job, so we’ve made sure it does it better than anyone else.

That’s why our app includes a host of features specially designed to make the accounting process a breeze.

Whether it’s importing historical data, creating tidy journal summaries whenever settlements are posted by your sales channels, producing COGS reports to help improve your forecasting, or reporting on your Gift Card financials - A2X is a lifesaver when it comes to managing your Shopify accounting (and beyond).

At A2X, ecommerce accounting automation is what we do best.

You know you’re getting a product that has received all the attention and expertise needed to perform its function without fault, every time.

“It makes tax season so much easier. I always have accurate sales data in my accounting software and can track COGS without issues as well. With a great interface and stellar customer service, the overall user experience is great.”

Katrina S., Capterra.

“[A2X] saves time, confusion and effort. All there at the click of a button. The customer service is just wonderful too.”

Linzi A., Capterra.

There’s a reason why A2X has been the gold-standard accounting automation tool in the ecommerce space since 2014.

We’re constantly focused on making our product the best solution for ecommerce sellers.

We are proactive when it comes to making updates, addressing potential issues and ensuring that we are compatible with the latest changes in apps that are connected to the A2X user experience.

Sure, we don’t offer a suite of different products for optimizing every single part of your business. We just have one great app that does its job really, really well.

And the attention to detail we put into making our app awesome paired with our unrivaled customer service is the reason why thousands of ecommerce sellers and accountants trust in A2X, with an average 4.9 out of 5 star rating.

If you’re looking for reliable software that will never let you down, choose A2X.

“With A2X - the benefits are huge - a major time saver as well as much higher levels of accuracy in the accounts and margin calculations.”

Deanna S., Capterra.

Reliable accounting automation is just the tip of the iceberg here at A2X.

Our users are faced with many challenges while working in the ecommerce space. And we love to help sellers (and accountants) find great solutions.

So, while A2X began as just an accounting automation app for online sellers, we’ve grown into a holistic ecommerce accounting solution that’s held together by dedicated and empathetic employees that want the best for all users.

Our team of experts have encountered just about every ecommerce accounting problem a seller can face. These tricky challenges have shaped the evolving design of our product, and inspired us to assist sellers however we can.

To see some of the challenges we’ve solved, check out our case studies, or tell us about your ecommerce accounting challenges and we’ll see what we can do to make your life easier.

“Love love love! And plus their support staff is so fantastic and if you bring up any valid issues, they will often release a product update to solve that problem in a short amount of time.”

Jillian H., Capterra.

Monthly Plans & Pricing ($USD)

A2X plans & pricing
A2X is available for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart Marketplace (or a combination).
Integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage accounting software.


200 orders
1 sales channel
1 marketplace
$ 19


1,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 49


5,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 69


10,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 139


15,000 orders
1 sales channel
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 199


1,000 orders
2 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 79


2,000 orders
3 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 99


5,000 orders
4 sales channels
Unlimited marketplaces
$ 149
Bold plans & pricing
Bold is available for Shopify only.
Integrates with QuickBooks and Xero accounting software.


200 orders
1 sales channel
$ 19.99


500 orders
1 sales channel
$ 39.99


Unlimited orders
1 sales channel
$ 59.99


30 orders
1 sales channel
$ 0

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What the People are Saying About A2X

Overall rating
From 280 users reviews
Average score
  • Ease of Use 4.7
  • Customer Service 4.8
  • Features 4.8
  • Value for Money 4.6

Source: Capterra

4.9 overall rating from 2063 reviews across

Switching from Bold to A2X

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