Becoming an A2X Expert

Our A2X Experts are specialists in ecommerce accounting, and proficient with A2X.

We recommend them to our sellers who are looking for expert help with accounting for their online business.

Benefits of being an A2X expert

Our A2X Experts showcase their businesses on our specialist ecommerce accountant directory, Each Expert has their own landing page with details of their services, the types of clients they are best suited to and reasons why businesses would benefit from working with them.

As an Expert, there may also be other opportunities to work with us such as:

  • Writing a guest blog for our website.
  • Co-hosting events or webinars together.
  • Including your case studies on our website.
  • Speaking as a guest expert in the Ecommerce Back-Office Facebook group.
  • Partnering in co-marketing campaigns.

What you need to become an A2X Expert

1. Experience - 25 clients using A2X

We recommend our experts to our A2X sellers, so we need to make sure you have extensive experience in ecommerce accounting and in using A2X. You can be considered for A2X Expert status when you have 25 clients using A2X.

2. An effective ecommerce landing page

When our sellers click on your listing and go through to your website, we want them to be confident that they are in the right place. Therefore you need to have an ecommerce landing page that explains how you use A2X to produce accurate, timely accounts for your clients.

3. Advanced training

We want to make sure you are using A2X to its full potential, so we would book some advanced training with you and your team to answer any questions you have and share all our tips and tricks for using A2X effectively.

What you can do today

If you do not meet the criteria above just yet, there are a few things you can do to work towards them.

Getting close to 25 A2X users?

If you’re interested in becoming an A2X Expert, and will soon have 25 clients using A2X, please contact your account manager or

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